Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Cheap

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December 16, 2011
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December 25, 2011
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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Cheap

Mandy asks…

Halloween costume ideas? Any cheap online shops for fancy dress?

Im a woman, looking for some unique fancy dress ideas for halloween.
Also any cheap UK shops sellng them?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hi Shannon,

We actually just recently opened up a Halloween web store: We have a lot of options there for women and we pride ourselves in low prices, quality costumes, and fast delivery.

That said, let us know if you think we should carry other costumes in particular. We are always looking for feedback.

Have a great time on Halloween,
Nicole at Fancy Dress Clothing

David asks…

Any ideas for a man dressed as a hillbilly woman halloween costume?

My friend and I are going to a party as a hillbilly man and wife. He is the wife. What should his costume look like? We already have fake rotten teeth. The cheaper the costume, the better. Thanks.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Maybe some old overalls covered in dirt with some plaide shirt with rips, and a basket weaved hat, like a sun hat

Nancy asks…

Cheap but really unique Halloween costume ideas?

I’ve been looking at costumes all day and i’ve seen some REALLY cool and unique costumes. Stuff I would never even think of and i’m looking for some of those ideas. I’m a woman << I guess that should help with some ideas

Halloween costume lion answers:

Lion Tamer
Kings Fool

Really first you need to decide what you would like to be, then making a cheaper version of it is easy! Especially if you can sow or at least hot glue. Remember it only has to last through the night so you don’t need to be a seamstress to pull off some great looks! Hot glue guns, and velcro work like a charm!

Mary asks…

Ideas for a homemade women’s halloween costume?

Our money is rather tight these days and I’m trying to figure out a fun child appropriate costume to wear to take my daughters trick or treating. My 6 year old wants me to be snow white but it’s like 40$! Any ideas that would be on the cheaper side?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Renee i see sooooooo many costumes at garage sales, you outa check it out.

John asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas?

Anyone got any Halloween Costume ideas? I want to be able to have a cheap costume, but still looks really good. Name off as many ideas as you can think of!!!

P.S. Need ideas for a woman costume!
I don’t want anything slutty either.
Preferably something scary and bloody.

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could be a 5th Ave Girl
easy to make and fun,350,0xffffff

Steven asks…

Need some ideas for Halloween costume?

I am gonna go to this halloween party and i was thinking of what is unique. I have been a witch for the past three years and i wanna be like a old fashioned dress up girl( country side?) or maybe a woman from the movie ” Titanic”?
Please help.

Additional Details.

I am pretty chubby and trying to get a cheap costume.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be an Amish girl

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