My Halloween Lion picture and more….

Have you ever seen a picture of a lion? Lions are majestic, strong creatures known as kings of the jungle. They are big, fierce looking animals that command respect. If you ever have the opportunity to examine a lion picture up close, pay special attention to the lion’s eyes. They have large, round pupils and are quite mesmerizing. Looking at a picture of a lion will also reveal what large, sharp claws a lion possess. The claws on an adult, male lion can be up to 1 ½ inches long! A well-taken lion picture, shot at close range, can reveal many other things about the lion as well.

In institutions of higher learning, an image of a lion is sometimes used in classes teaching subjects such as zoology. A lion picture makes a great teaching resource, and depending on what setting the lion picture was taken in, can teach much about the lion, its habits, what it likes to eat as well as its habitat.

Artists have also been known to utilize a photograph of a lion as subjects of study for their artwork. One of the better known artists who is known for rendering a beautiful, life-like lion picture is Sue Dickinson. She has done many whose titles include “Lioness among the Thorns”, “Blackmaned Lion”, “Mister Majestic” and “Fuzzballs.” This particular painter of lion pictures has her own website that features original paintings; prints as well as rubber stamps.

Any of these would make a great gift for the wildlife enthusiast, or a wonderful addition to your home décor. It is not hard to find an acceptable lion picture either as they are available at galleries, art shows and fine home furnishing stores. There are also entire websites aimed at offering wonderful lion pictures. They are also numerous other products that feature a lion picture such as coffee mugs, calendars, t-shirts, ties, stationary, magnets, note cards, jewelry, sheets, pillows and even table lamps. If you know someone who loves collecting anything with a lion picture on it, why not try one of the aforementioned items to brighten their day?

If you are handy with a camera, take a trip to your local zoo or wildlife sanctuary and capture your very own lion picture. Of course, the lion probably won’t be willing to pose for you, but you can get some great lion pictures if you are patient. A lion will eat, rest, play and interact with other lions, all which will offer the chance at a great picture.
Locating one of these great images isn’t too difficult. A lion picture can be found almost anywhere, and are usually very economically priced. If cost is not a factor, consider purchasing an original version fashioned by one of the better-known artists, the investment is well worth it.

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