My grand opening costume stores and design.

Costume stores for Halloween 2015

Do you like dressing up? What am I asking such a stupid question for? Of course you do. Why in the heck wouldn’t you? It’s a blast to put on bizarre and creepy outfits and pretend you’re someone else. That’s why we all go gaga over that big night that only comes once a year. Yes indeed, I’m talking about Labor Day. Okay, well maybe I’m not. It’s Halloween that gets my juices flowing. I just can’t wait to hit up all the cool costume stores. You know the ones that have all the eerie freak-show stuff like Spencer’s Gifts. That one is probably my absolute favorite. It’s always loaded with ghoulish demons, scary witches, and terrifying monsters. Although none of these things are real, they’re still rather stimulating to say the least. Are you getting anxious for that cool autumn night when the moon is full and the spirits move about carelessly? I know I am. I had better get ready for all those costume stores. It’s always prudent to shop early.

Where did you find your costume for last Halloween? Did you hit up Target or Wal-Mart? You cheap-skate! You never want to belittle All Hallows Eve with such cheesy garbage. What you need is some real Halloween costume stores. You know the ones that go all out with gobs of fake blood, pools of rising mist and authentic Freddy Kruger costumes and Michael Myers masks. One nuance that I especially love these days regards the classic vampire. Remember how they used to sell those cheap plastic fangs every year? Yeah, you remember the ones. They were uncomfortable, tacky looking and swamped with saliva every time you pulled them out. Yuck! Well, fortunately these days technology has increased. Now you can buy realistic fangs that literally glue on your K-9 teeth. I’m talking “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” real. These things look great once you’ve got them on. I think mine cost me around 20 bucks at one of the local costume stores. But I must say they were well worth it. Now that I think of it, you can probably even find them cheaper on the World-Wide-Web. This is also a choice place to search for Halloween costumes, decorations, and props. Not to mention a variety of other costumes for any random occasion. So hop online and check out all the virtual costume stores today. You’re bound to save some big bucks.

Costume design for Halloween at new 2015

Juliet Costume

Countless individuals around the world indulge daily in movies. It seems that our species can’t get enough of action, drama, horror, romance, comedy and thrills. A major part of this industry revolves around creative costume design. Take a moment to imagine all the thought, work, effort and miniscule details put into some of the wild and beautiful costumes for major feature films. Just to give you a basic example that most people will be instantly familiar with, what about “The Lord of the Rings?” This is an excellent example of amazing costume designs for film.

More than likely you’ve enjoyed the intricate and amazing costume design found in certain feature films. Some that tend to steal the spotlight are “Batman,” “Spiderman,” “The X-Men” and “Harry Potter.” There’s even a chance that you craved a moment in one of these fascinating get-ups. You would only be human if that’s the case. Wouldn’t it be great if you could dabble in costume design and extravagant apparel on your own? You could purchase a few supplies, a sewing machine and get started immediately. Okay, so maybe it’s prudent to do a little bit of research and homework regarding costume design prior to hopping behind the sewing machine. It’s wise to begin with a basic book on costume design. You’ll likely need to acquire a few tools and supplies to work with within your home. However, you might be astonished at how quickly you become accustomed to superb costume design clothing design. You never know; you could end up becoming a famous designer.

A wonderful place to begin your costume design journey is with basic Halloween costumes. If you have a child, then you already have a willing model to design costumes for. Needless to say, it’s pretty awesome as a child to have a Halloween costume custom made for you. This way no one has exactly what you do. Try a beautiful princess dress, a ghoulish ghost outfit, or even a horrifying werewolf costume. Watch to see how your costume design skills are honed after a few tries. For those who do not have children, you can always create a unique get-up for yourself to wear.

My big Halloween Costume design now 2015

Cheetah Costume

Most who go to any type of show appreciate the scene if front of them, the music they might hear, and even the presentation of lighting effects. Often though, they don’t think about the costume design. In many cases, finding and creating the perfect costume for each person on the state is a long process that takes just as much time and work as the rest of the production. People often forget that, and perhaps that part of the show goes unappreciated.

If you have children in school, you may know a thing or two about costume design. You may have had to do it on your own, and if you have, you know how much work can really go into it. You probably had some direction though, or perhaps were told where to go buy something. Other times though, costume design is left up to the parent entirely. Though it is fun to be creative with something like that, it can be hard when you know it has to be just right for a production your child may be doing at school. Just imagine the confidence the young actors will have if in the perfect outfit for their role.

Mummy CostumeThose in Community Theater often have to do their own costume design, or they find someone who is willing to do it for little or no money, simply because that’s about all the money they have. If you are into costume design, and think it might be something you would like to do in the future for a career, which is the perfect place to start. You might not get paid much, but your work will speak for itself and others will see it. There can be no better advertising of your skills than to have your costume design seen throughout a production.


Costume design is also something some can volunteer to do for their child’s dance class or their school play. If you have ever had fun with your child’s Halloween costume, you may already know if this would be something you would be good at doing. Your school would appreciate any help you could give, as their budget for such things is almost nothing. This is a great way to for you to give time and energy to your child’s school, especially when you think you have nothing else to offer, and you don’t have time to volunteer for other things your children’s classes might need.

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