Halloween decorating and Halloween baskets.

Halloween decorating

Autumn is the time of the year that affects each person very differently. Some people like the fact that children are back in school and their family can resume a routine, others are looking forward to the holiday season and others become depressed because of the shortened hours of day light and the coming of the winter months. I love the fall. I love the colors of the leaves and the crispness in the air. I also like Halloween decorating. This is a trend that seems to become more popular each year.

When I was growing up we would carve jack-o-lanterns the night before Halloween and set them on the front steps. That was the extent to the Halloween decorating that my mom did. My first year of college was a different story. I rented a house along with eight other women. We made ghosts to hang in the trees and had a witch on a broom that was attached to the door. When we opened the door the witch would fly across the front porch. This was one of the cleverest Halloween decorating ideas I had ever seen. One of the other women’s family made one every year.

The witch is made by tying a green helium filled balloon to a stick. A witch’s hat is then put on the balloon. The stick is attached to a string that goes around the door knob and the stick is balanced on something about six feet off the ground. The house we rented in college had a window that we were able to balance the stick on the upper frame. When we opened the door the string would tighten and the witch would come flying at the head of the person ringing the doorbell. This was great fun. We had to take turns setting the witch on the window sill and running around the house to come in the back door. We laughed that our Halloween decorating was helping us get our aerobic exercise.

Today there are much more sophisticated Halloween decorating ideas. There are huge lawn ornaments as well as special lighting to use. One of our neighbors converts their yard into a grave yard. They put up tomb stones and tie bats in the trees. They have sculls and skeletons as well as a full size Frankenstein. Their garage is set up as a haunted house. Her elaborate Halloween decorating costs several hundred dollars. Each year she goes out the day after Halloween to add to her collection. They have built a shed in the back of their property to store all the decorations.

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Halloween baskets

Is it that time of year again? Be careful! You don’t want to take that wrong turn on that dark, deserted street. God knows what’s down there. After all, this is the night when the monsters and spirits have the ability to frolic about just like us. You’ve heard the stories, right? There is but one night of the year when all bets are off. It’s commonly known as Halloween. Are you prepared for a frightening evening of witches, ghouls, demons and ghosts? What am I babbling about? Of course you are. Regardless of the infinite tales you’ve heard about “All Hallows Eve,” we all know that it’s a wonderful night of trickery, sweets, and just plain old fun. In fact, many of us anticipate its arrival like no other. There’s just something about a day when looking normal is out of the question. All I know is that on that spooky night when the little ones come a knocking, I like to be prepared with a plethora of candy, treats and Halloween baskets to please any tiny monster or ghoul.

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Have you ever taken the time to create Halloween baskets? We love doing this sort of thing at my house. There’s just something about getting into the holiday spirit. I believe that more people should try and do so. It really does make the occasion much more fun. A few years back my wife and I decided to do something a little more unique and creative on Halloween. This was the beginning of Halloween baskets for us. Now, just so you don’t get the wrong idea, they’re not anything fancy. In fact, their just inexpensive little Halloween baskets stuffed with candy. This way you give each and every trick-or-theater a variety of sweets. Trust me; the little ones love it. You surely remember what it was like back in the day when you went trick-or-treating. You’d get all fixed up in that perfect costume and head out with candy on the brain. From door to door you were always hoping for the absolute best treats around. I’m talking about the fancy Halloween baskets or the whole candy bars. Not the “fun size” either. I’m talking about the big ones. We all loved getting those. So are you ready to create some fun and exciting Halloween baskets this year? You know that special day will be rolling around soon. Whatever you do, doesn’t be that ridiculous neighbor who passes out fruit or raisins.

Fun With Halloween Decorations

There is always that one house on the block that has gone all out with the Halloween decorations, and you can not get enough of it. They have done things to their home that you would not dream of, or perhaps did not have the inspiration to do on your own. You can change that if you get some good ideas, and if you know where to shop. What you have to keep in mind is that you are only going to have your decorations up for a short time. You can get them up early though, so that everyone can enjoy them. Just don’t leave them up too far into November.

For a very elegant but eerie look, you can go out and get some delicate lace, tons of fake spider web, and some white, twinkling lights for your Halloween decorations. You can place the lights where you would like to decorate, and then cover them with the lace and the spider webs. You do want to be careful, as both the web and the lace can be flammable. Keep them a safe distance from the light. Don’t worry, these Halloween decorations are going to look very cool, even when you have been safe about placement. Keep an eye on them, and don’t have the lights on when you are not at home.

—When thinking of Halloween decorations for the outdoors, you have much more from which to choose. There are some great lawn items that you can get, and then put away to use the next year and the year after that if you want. You can light up your walkway with some spooky lights, and have some interesting things hiding in the shadows. You can also use a fog machine to have the perfect effect for your Halloween decorations when you are expecting children to come by on Halloween night. Use lighting sparsely for the spooky look you hope to achieve.


–There are, of course, the more expensive Halloween decorations. These are usually reserved for those that look forward to Halloween each year – mostly because they can be quite costly considering you only use them for a few days out of the year. These are often mechanical things that you may see in a haunted house at your favorite amusement part. There are coffins that pop open to surprise someone, along with all types of creepy, moving creatures. These Halloween decorations can be the most fun, so indulge a little when you find that you are really into the holiday spirit.