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Kids Party Ideas

Because birthdays come but once a year, they should be extra special with unique touches that your child will absolutely adore. Remember how you felt on your birthday as you were growing up? You knew exactly how far away your birthday was, down to the days, hours, and minutes; the birthday countdown. The anticipation was overwhelming at time, especially if you were planning to have an awesome birthday party with all your friends! The parties were always great, and you have lots of pictures to prove it. Your parents had to look a little harder to find creative kids party ideas; all they really had were books from the library or tips and advice from friends and family. There was no internet, of course, which really works to your advantage in planning the perfect kids’ theme party. Everything you need is virtually available at your fingertips, and you can take care of many details at any hour of day by planning and shopping online.

First decide what type of party theme would be best. There are lots of different party themes to choose from to capture your birthday girl or boy’s interests and passions, like a holiday party (Halloween or Christmas), Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Baby’s First, Happy Feet, Spiderman, American Idol, Harry Potter, Hawaiian Luau, Curious George, Dora the Explorer, and lots more. Your child will be so excited they won’t be able to contain themselves! Go online and take a look at all the great ideas and party planning tools available to help you plan the perfect kids’ party. Start with a cool and fun theme, and start shopping! Themes are great kid’s party ideas that make kids’ parties extra special, particularly when every element of the party is tied together. The party invitations, decorations, tableware, party favors, food, games, and other kids’ party supplies all have something in common in keeping with the theme of the party.

For everything you need to plan the perfect party, go online to check out all the great kids’ party ideas from sites like,, and for tips on how to get those bargain party supplies. Find party ideas for every occasion, not just children’s parties, teens and adults too. Visitors to some sites featuring kid’s party ideas also accept reader submissions and suggestions that can be shared with others. Just have fun with it and the kids will too!

Theme Party Ideas for Your Next Bash

I’ve always been a very social person, so it’s not unusual for me to throw several parties throughout the year. They range from small, intimate gatherings for just a handful of friends to huge events with more guests than my house can comfortably accommodate. Sometimes my parties coincide with holidays such as New Year’s or Halloween, but most of the time; I just throw them for the heck of it. Still, since my guest list is frequently the same each time, I feel like I have to change things up every now and then to keep people interested. That’s why I find it helpful to keep a list of theme party ideas handy.

Honestly, theme party ideas aren’t all that hard to come by. If pressed, you could probably rattle off at least five or six on your own right now. But the ones you come up with have likely been done to death (can you say Hawaiian luau?), and therefore won’t be all that appealing to prospective invitees. Plus, if you throw numerous bashes like I do, then you’re going to need a heck of a lot more theme party ideas than the few you can generate in five minutes.

One way to find theme party ideas is to check the Internet. There are lots of websites out there that give tips and advice on how to throw good parties, and some of the suggestions are actually pretty cool. For instance, I recently came across two excellent themes for my file that I’d never heard of before. One was called “Forever Young” and basically calls for guests to dress up in costumes that indicate what they wanted to be when they were kids (fireman, policeman, movie star, etc.) and for the host to serve food that youngsters would approve of, such as hot dogs, chips, pizza, pop, and the like. Another idea was to have a Wild, Wild West night in which guests would dress up as cowboys and cowgirls, and everyone would enjoy a cookout. Both of these sound fun, unique, and easy to pull off!

Another way to come up with good theme party ideas is to simply ask your friends. Chances are, they’ve been to a few themed gatherings over the years and can tell you which ones were effective and which were lame. You should be able to get a lot of suggestions this way, but the obvious drawback here is that at least one of your friends has already been to that type of bash before, which kind of defeats the purpose when you’re trying to do something different.

These two sources have yielded a number of great theme party ideas for me, and I’ve also come up with a few good ones all on my own. As a result, I’m always ready to try something new and put together an entertaining evening that my guests will end up talking about for months!

Theme Parties are great for Any Occasion

When a person gets invited to a party they automatically wonder what they are going to wear. They want to look good and they want to make an impression when they walk into the door. It can actually be a bit of a struggle to pick exactly the right outfit. You never really know if you should go for a more formal look or if jeans and a sweater will do. When you are attending theme parties, it’s much easier to decide on a perfect outfit, since the host has given you a huge hint.

At these functions everyone shows up in similar garb. It’s incredibly fun to pick out what you are going to wear and then compare it to what others chose. It’s especially entertaining if you arrive first and get to see everyone else walking through the door in their get-ups. Not only does this make the party more fun but it makes it easy to strike up conversations with new people.

The choices are really endless when you are planning one of these. It is typical to have themes that are from different eras since these are the easiest. People can dress up in outrageous outfits to wear to these theme parties. It is fun and the wilder they are the better.

Who doesn’t want to dress up like they were raised in the 1950’s? Men can put on their well-worn leather jackets, grease their hair back and tuck a cigarette behind their ears. The woman will look fantastic in poodle skirts or caprice with letterman sweaters. There really isn’t more fun than pretending you were born years and years ago and having everyone in the room look the same way.

You can also throw one based on a certain movie or book. It’s also fun to have summer inspired theme parties in the middle of winter. Everyone can wear their swimsuits under their winter coats and you can turn up the heat in the house. Add some tropical music, a few drinks with little umbrellas and some island food. Before you know it, everyone in attendance will have forgotten about the snow on the ground outside.

It’s a great idea to have a get together like this to celebrate a special occasion. If someone you love is having a birthday consider throwing surprise theme parties. Everyone will be dressed up and the birthday gal or guy will think it’s hilarious. You can even have a costume all prepared for them. It’s sure to be a night they’ll not soon forget.