Dorothy costumes are simple and fabulous!

Is your girl a Wizard of Oz Fan?

The Wizard of Oz has been a children’s classic story for many, many decades. It’s likely your kids have Costumes For All Occasions Uaa1081 Bag Dorothyseen the movie at least once or twice. Dorothy and her friends – and enemies – have won the hearts of so many children. Dorothy costumes for Halloween are adorable and very easy to put together. There’s no mistaking what character your little trick-or-treater is playing, due to one very important accessory – the glittering red shoes!


Of all of the Wizard of Oz characters, Dorothy costumes are so distinctive, yet with easy to find or make clothing and accessories. The basic costume consists of a white blouse, with puffed short sleeves and a sky blue gingham jumper, with large white buttons holding the straps in place. Shop early at the costume shops and also take a look at the costume shops online. Once you start looking, you’ll see a number of variations on the exact shade of blue – some will be pale blue, while others tend more towards aqua. If you’re not into sewing or purchasing your Dorothy costume, try cruising some of the retro and thrift shops for the signature blouse and jumper. The puffy-sleeved white blouse favored by Dorothy was a popular style of blouse in the 1940s and into the 1950s.

A lace edged petticoat, which hangs slightly below the jumper’s hemline, holds the jumper away from the body in true Dorothy fashion, so this is an important accessory. Unless you purchase a complete Dorothy costume from a shop, check the thrift and retro stores for this currently out-of-fashion clothing accessory. You can always stitch some lace on to a plain petticoat, if that’s all you can find.

Dorothy’s picnic basket was Toto’s carrier, going everywhere Dorothy went, so the basket is essential. If you want to add to the authenticity, a small gray and black dog, of the stuffed animal type, makes a cute accessory.

If your girl doesn’t have hair long enough for the famous two side pony tails – or braids – a dark brown wig will do the trick. Two lengths of blue ribbon, to tie around the hair bands, are a must!


Girl's Dorothy CostumeToddler Dorothy Costume


Now, for the foot wear. The classic Dorothy costume is worn with white bobby socks and those spectacular red shoes. Although the real Dorothy wore pumps – not too high – in the interest of child safety, toddlers and younger kids will manage better and look every bit as genuine in flats. If you live in a colder region, a pair of white tights will do just as well, providing extra warmth. The most distinguishing feature of Dorothy’s red shoes is that they are shiny and covered in glitter. A plain pair of patent leather shoes, school glue and a tube of glitter are all you need.

Before you begin shopping for this simple costume, get out an illustrated copy of the Wizard of Oz and let your daughter see what a fabulous Dorothy costume she can have. The magic rubs off on a child’s imagination. You can bet those red shoes will be worn more than once!