Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas Halloween

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March 23, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas Halloween

John asks…

What are some group Halloween costume ideas?

We have 8 girls in the group and we need to get Halloween costumes ASAP!! please help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Halloween Costume Idea for Groups: Hospital Staff

This group Halloween costume idea lets you play dress up and act out. It works for any size group, men or women, but think ahead for this one. You’ll need plenty of time to locate all the props. If you have a friend in the medical field, try to borrow items from her.

• Wear scrubs, of course, and don’t forget the accessories such as face masks, rubber gloves, stethoscopes and pagers/cell phones. You can also make up nametags to pin on uniforms.
• To distinguish between doctors and nurses, let “doctors” wear white coats.
• Borrow or rent a wheelchair. Have someone play the role of patient.
• Carry charts (just fill file folders with scrap paper), talk in medical lingo and pretend to care for the patient throughout the night.

Look at more group halloween costume ideas at

William asks…

Any good group halloween costume ideas?

My friends and me are trying to figure out what all 6 of us can be for Halloween as a group. We’re juniors in college so we’re looking for something really cute and creative. We were thinking about just being the some players on the Yankees but really spicing up the costumes (little shorts, high socks, etc..) any ideas of something else we can do???

Halloween costume lion answers:

If you do the Yankees, you can put on Yankee caps, carry around bats, others can have mitts on their hands, etc. And then go with what you originally had planned.

Otherwise, I’m not sure if what you’re looking for is other group ideas. If so, here are some.

You can do Grey’s Anatomy and dress up as Surgeons and doctors and Nurses

Peanuts Gang
Sextuplets! You can all dress alike, same tops, pants, etc, and do your hair the same way!
Smurfs and Smurfettes
Bridal party
Beauty Contestants, each one a different state
Cops and Prisoners
Prisoners that escaped
Flight Attendants
Hula Girls
Belly Dancers
Spa Goers (you can put on pajamas and wear robes and towels around your heads and make your faces up like you’re having facials done and wear slippers or flip flops like you’re at the spa).
Movie Stars
Cast from a broadway show
The Pink Ladies from Grease!
Beach Bums
Grannies and if there’s guys going with you grandpas too!
Pregnant women
Runaway Brides
The Princesses, Cinderella, Ariel, Bell, etc.
The Dwarfs (from Snow White)
Santa’s Elves
Butterflies and Bees
Show Girls
The Rockettes

This is all I can think of, but I hope you and your friends have a great time dressing up and a very Happy Halloween!

Richard asks…

What are creative group halloween costume ideas?

We’ve played with a few ideas such as Scooby-Doo and the gang, Alice in Wonderland, etc. But we want something really creative. There are 5 of us.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I love the Scooby Doo idea! Other ideas – Wizard of Oz, Addams Family or maybe the Toy Story gang? (scroll down for the adult costumes)

Brady Bunch would be funny:

the Sesame Street gang?

Or characters from Star Wars?

Some ideas anyway, have fun!

Linda asks…

What are some group halloween costume ideas?

For two girls and four guys (maybe three). So far, we’ve come up with:
The Wizard of Oz
Harry Potter
Twilight (NO! I refused to do that!)
Cardcaptors (an old tv show we all love)
Naruto (an anime show)
Alice in Wonderland

Any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

What about something from the Medieval or Renaissance era? The girls can be princess, tavern wenches, or pirate wenches, and the guys could be lords, knights, pirates, peasants, rogues, clergymen, etc.? You can be a nice little group that all goes out and has fun together.

I think it could be lots of fun, but then again I’m a history buff.

Lizzie asks…

group halloween costume ideas for 6-7 fourteen year old girls?

My friends and I want to dress up as something with a group theme. We’re all girls and 14 years old. Any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could all go as different disney princesses. I know it sounds lame but it would actually be really cute. You could also go as the seven deadly sins. Everyone girl can be a different one.

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