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May 20, 2012
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Your Questions About Wizard Of Oz Make Up For Lion

Ken asks…

What’s with the Wisard of Oz?

How come the characters in the wizard of oz don’t have australian accents. Let me just clarify for you- Wizard of OZ! I mean, I understand that that girl is from america with her dog, so having an american accent of some sort makes sense. But what about the other characters!? The tin man, scarecrow, witch, and most other characters had american accents.

The only character which appears to not have been swept up in that tornado from Kansas seems to be the lion, which had his own private tornado sent from England. WHY ARE THERE NO AUSTRALIANS IN AUSTRALIA!? I know this film is american but surely you know there are other countries… besides england, across the ocean from you. Especially as it is set in Australia! The film company didn’t even have the decency to make the lion a cockney. That would at least be closer.

So I’m sorry for my rant there, but I really want to know. Also i’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone in this, when saying you, I meant it as a collective. :)
By the way, I am only joking about this, it;s because of Oz being a nickname for austrailia and I felt like ranting about something, so I chose that. keep on commenting though :D

Halloween costume lion answers:

Do you know how the author got the name Oz? He said he was going through his file cabinet, and the letters O and Z stood out for some reason. Thought you’d enjoy some random trivia.
Best of luck!

Jenny asks…

How do I audition for The Lion in ‘The Wiz’?

So, we’re doing the musical ‘The Wiz’, at school, and my heart is really set on the part of The Lion, if you’re not familiar with the part, he’s a big fluffy Lion who looks the part of a really frightening character, but really has no courage, one of the main characters, but I’ve moved up now into year 9, the stage where you’re entitled to the larger parts. I’ve got my singing audition ready, and I’m going to attempt to sing Hakuna Matata with my friend Victoria, it’s going quite well and sounds.. okay (:

I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips on what else might help me get this part, I’m confident, and I don’t mind making a fool out of myself if it’ll help me, please, no ridiculous answers, ‘cos this is serious ♥

The Wiz is basically the Mo Town version of ‘The Wizard of Oz‘ and the movie stars Michael Jackson, you can watch it here- but I don’t advise you clicking the link if you don’t have a very good virus shield, it’s been okay for me, but it’s a little dodgy (:

Lucy ♪
Just an edit; if you answer my question, please could you do the same with my friend, Lucy. She’s in a similar situation, and it’d really help (: ;;_ylt=AqJekdXdNJqxQ8TOEm8qA7Psy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090916085336AAdUBg2

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think you should not only sing Hakuna Matata but really get into it. Watch the Lion King and do all the silly stuff Timon and Pumbaa do like dance and hug each other.

Because you are right, The Wiz is really animated and you have to get really into it.

Watch the lion king and watch the wiz and spend a day being the lion.

Break a leg!

Chris asks…

What’s your zodiac sign and imagine you’re walking along your usual route to work/school/home/etc. and then…?

you come across 12 different paths that were never there before. Each one has a sign in front of them and a dangerous obstacle to overcome *with only what you usually carry on you (keys, backpack, etc.) to help you.* You have to choose one of the paths because going back has been made impossible due to the ground behind you spontaneously disappearing. Also, state your strategy for getting through the path.
Here’s what they are:

*Path 1 – Sign: Path of Aries. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be a risk-taker and delve into things head-on.
Obstacle: In this path, the danger waits for you right at the beginning.. and the middle.. and the end. It’s teeming of full armored warriors carrying intimidating weapons and training their man-eating pets. Of course there are the few odd rocks and trees scattered along the path for hiding. But even those are sharp..

*Path 2 – Sign: Path of Taurus. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more patient and resourceful.
Obstacle: Throughout this path there are large Cyclops. If they lay their eye on you, you mustn’t move or even make a sound until they look away unless you’d like to be their meal. They can stare at you for hours on end and there’s quite a few of them roaming around the path. There’s no food or water here. If you continue the way you are, you will die. The only things scattered around here are some large poisonous plant leafs and tall piles of rocks. And no, the Cyclops will not eat the plants.

*Path 3 – Sign: Path of Gemini. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to outsmart others and to be at peace with the dual nature of things.
Obstacle: In this path, the beginning will be very blissful and you’ll stroll through peacefully. Near the middle you’ll find a door leading to a maze or more fitting, a labyrinth. Once in there with every turn you make you’re met with two other options to take. Also somewhere in there roams a clone of you except it’s a man-eating minotaur version of you. The only way to get the exit to open is to kill the minotaur.

*Path 4 – Sign: Path of Cancer. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more nostalgic and caring.
Obstacle: In this path, you’ll meet a kid who you’ll have the opportunity of playing multiple games with along the way of the path. Everything you loved as a child is there (Old video games, tvs running your favourite childhood shows, etc.). Near the end of the path you’ll come across a small, crescent moon shaped cave. The gravitational force inside of it is.. different to say the least. The ceiling is lined with protruding rocks. The only possible way to move in the cave is to hop since there are gaps in the floor you must move over. With every hop, you are thrusted towards the ceiling briefly and fall back down. It’s not strong enough to do major damage but since the cave goes on for a few of days (Don’t worry, water and food are provided in the cave), your head will be slowly bashed in.. You must keep the kid alive or else once you reach the end of the cave the path will continuously expand in front of you and the cave will close off leaving you to die of thirst.

*Path 5 – Sign: Path of Leo. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more self-aware.
Obstacle: In the beginning of this path, you’ll meet up with the Cowardly lion from the wizard of Oz. He’ll lead you down a coal road, meaning you’ll have to walk on burning hot coals. Once you reach the end of the road he’ll suddenly turn on you and scratch out your eyes. You’ll strangely feel no pain and by now you’ll be surrounded by fire loops with rabid, man-eating (Of course) lions jumping through them. You must make sure you don’t touch any of those “fire loops” or you’ll be instantly turned to a pile of ash. You must also avoid the lions. And they’re plentiful. You must do all this without any sight. If you survive you’re sight will be given back.

*Path 6 – Sign: Path of Virgo. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be problem solving.
Obstacle: This path is exactly the same size as your bed. Exactly. There are pieces of a jigsaw puzzle of Richard Simmons that are roughly 1 inch by 1 inch squares stacked in the corner. You must solve the puzzle and must lay it on the floor. The puzzle will cover the floor entirely. Every time you touch a piece of the puzzle it’s like torture, not too mention if you end up touching 20 pieces you’ll die. Note: You have to use hands to touch the pieces.

*Path 7 – Sign: Path of Libra: If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more balanced and elegant.
Obstacle: The beginning and middle of this path contains no ground, just wobbly stools with legs that seem to go on forever surrounded by a bottomless pit. You must jump from stool to stool and remain on each stool until you hear a horn. The problem is each time the stools begin to have less surface area for you to land on. It begins to become impossibly small to remain balanced on it. You have to figure out a way to maintain balance. If you make it to the end part you must walk along a path of 10 scales and stay on each scale for a certain amount of time. Every time the scales calculate your weight, a full body suit pops out of the scale and wraps around you adding tremendous weight to you. By the time you reach the 10th scale you’ll be crushed. Note: You cannot break the scales.
*Path 8 – Sign: Path of Scorpio. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more intense (Lol?) and protective.
Obstacle: In this path, you’ll come face to face with these 5 alien creatures who stare intensely into your eyes. They literally stare right into you and begin sucking out your being using their stare. They suck out a part of your mind and hold it prisoner inside of them. They then run off. You must find them and retrieve your mind parts back in order to leave the path. You can’t kill them or that bit of your mind will die with them. You have to turn yourself into something similar to the Eye of Sauron from LotR. That way, you can locate them and stare them down. But to do this transformation, you must be able to save the one you love most from the aliens.. Well let’s just say they were walking behind you and stumbled upon this little path thing too. So you must save them all the while not killing the aliens or looking at their eyes.
*Path 9 – Sign: Path of Sagittarius. If you take this path and survive, you will have learnt to be a good-humoured person.
Obstacle: In this path, you’ll go to a Japanese Styled feast. However you’ll feast with English royalty and at the end of the meal you’ll be the court’s jester and stand on a hollow stage (There’s no escape through there though). You have to tell jokes or they’ll kill you on the spot. However, if you do say a joke whether it’s funny or not they’ll throw metal chairs at you. You’ll die after your second joke. Unless..
*Path 10 – Sign: Path of Capricorn. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more wise and responsible.
Obstacle: In this path, any items you had on you will be taken away. During this time period, you’ll physically age 1 year each day. You’ll be here for a month. You don’t have any food or water. There is a Ruler of this path who guards the exit, and he’ll give you meal of chicken (The whole chicken) and rice plus a bottle of water if you agree to add a month onto your time period. In order to get out of the path you must either kill the ruler despite your lack of items or fulfill your time sentence.
*Path 11 – Sign: Path of Aquarius. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more unique.
Obstacle: As soon as you step onto this path, you’ll be greeted with the scent of flowers. It leads your way and gets stronger as you follow it. As soon as you reach the source you are turned into a half human half flower. You’re still human from the waist down and you’ve lost all your senses except for touch. There are herbivore dinosaurs attracted to the smell of flowers roaming around so you must constantly be moving in order to avoid becoming eaten. In order to be able to leave the path you must find the only body of water and stand still in it for 20 minutes. There are a large number of dinosaurs surrounding the body of water however, so you’ll need to draw them away. If you survive you’ll be turned back to a normal human.
*Path 12 – Sign: Path of Pisces. If you take this path and survive, you’ll have learnt to be more psychic(?).
Obstacle: This path is littered with ghosts. The rule “I can’t see you, so you can’t see me” doesn’t apply here. They see you, hate you, want to slaughter you. Viciously. Well actually, they’re not ghosts.. More like two.. sea creatures.. wearing invisible spray.. And they’ve gone mental sniffing that stuff too much. But um, they have signature laughs you’ll be able to identify them by.. If you know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately there’s a lot of other noise that makes hearing their laughs a difficult task. You just need to find them, expose them, then kill them (If you can stand killing those adorable fellows that is). Simple enough. Note: Oh look a pineapple.

Anyways, so what’s your zodiac sign?
Which path would you choose?
What would be your strategy to get through it?
Be honest now, would you just give up?
Hmm, I’ll be the judge of whether or not you survived btw.
That took me the longest time to write.-_-
Aww Kevin.:$ If it makes you feel better we’ll send all of the Y!A team down a new hostile path, one that you’ll have the honour of designing. Ok?^_^
LOLL Bree. All right, as you wish.^_^

Halloween costume lion answers:

Right, I’m taking the Path of Capricorn. Like hell I’m going to get out of there aged well over 70 and bordering into 80– that “ruler” is going down! I don’t care if I don’t have any resources, I will slaughter him with my bare hands if I have to. A slightly less violent tactic, I suppose, would have me charming the ruler and using my feminine wiles to get him to give me the food. I’m good at charming people and acting disarming. >:] Then I could kill him afterward using a chicken bone to stab him in both eyes and shove it down his throat so that he’ll choke to death. Or, if he refuses to choke to death, I suppose beating him to death with my fists, feet, and the water bottle isn’t out of the question. Or I could pinch his nose to stop him from breathing while pouring water continuously down his throat until he drowns, like they did in the medieval times.

If my life is on the line, I’d do anything to save it, including killing someone.

I’m a very sadistic, slightly psychotic Libra. <3

Michael asks…

What would make a good school musical?

I’m trying to come up with a musical to do for school. I go to a school where the high school, middle school, elementary and kindergarten kids all go to one school. So, the musical has to be suitable for kindergarten kids too…Disney ones preferably. I was thinking of Hercules, Mulan, Pocahontas and the Sound of Music. I was also thinking of adapting some Disney Broadway shows, like Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan or the Little Mermaid. Someone also suggested we do something like Grease, Footlose, Annie or the Wizards of Oz. What do you guys think? What should we pick this year? We did Lion King last year, btw. Thanks.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Beauty and the Beast has a lot of opportunity for many ages and characters. Between the silver-ware in the “Be our Guest” scene and the villagers in the “Belle” and “Kill the Beast” numbers, the youngsters will have more than enough stage time. The musical offers a challenge as well as a blessing for music, as it calls for many ranges of voices, but the music is somewhat easy to sing. There are many chorus numbers, as well as many fan-favorites “Be our Guest, Beauty & the Beast, Gaston…etc.” Not to mention neat costumes and set, and it would be great to get a lot of people involved in, and agreed to making the production work. It is fun for the whole family, and very classic and appropriate. Break a leg with what ever you choose!

Donna asks…

Did I misinterpret my Father-in-law’s comments?

If I did misunderstand some comments, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

I was with my wife and her family this past weekend for Thanksgiving. Several of us, including myself, my wife, my Father-in-law, and my Father-in-law’s grandson were watching “The Wizard of Oz.” The part where the cowardly lion first met Dorothy and the others came up. After chasing Toto, the cowardly Lion was slapped by Dorothy. He (the cowardly lion) was crying afterward. My Father-in-law made a couple of remarks to his grandson, who was watching with us. He said “that cowardly lion got his feelings hurt because he is cowardly.” To be honest, I am probably really messing up and twisting his precise words. I probably heard it as if it were an insult, when perhaps it was nothing of the sort. Perhaps he said “the cowardly lion got his feelings hurt.” Yes, I am a highly sensitive person, so I found the comments to be a bit disturbing. I felt as though my FIL was implying that sensitive people are weak or are cowards- or that perhaps cowardly people are sensitive. Were my feelings just completely off base here?

My wife had been talking just a few minutes earlier about how demeaning it is for football players to dress up as cheerleaders. It sort of gives off the impression that it’s silly to be a girl, or that girls are to be laughed at. I understood her point. I was concerned, because I sort of felt as though my FIL was kind of intimating to his grandson that sensitive men are weak or cowardly. Does that make sense? Did I just read entirely way too much into his comments?

Are there people in society who assume that someone is weak if they are sensitive? Am I a weak person for being sensitive? Or is that a perception or a stereotype? Why do people make this connection, if there is no truth in it?

Halloween costume lion answers:

You look WAAAAAAAAY too deeply into what people say.

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