Your Questions About Lion King Characters

Lion King 2 Ending
February 3, 2013
10/26/11 Baby John in his lion costume at the gym :)
February 5, 2013
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Your Questions About Lion King Characters

Michael asks…

Scar is looking for other Lion King characters?

Scar is brother of Mufasa. Scar likes going on Y!A. Scar have family on Y!A.

Scar is looking for other fellow Lion King characters.
Please help Scar. If you no help Scar, Scar eat you for a dinner.

If you are a Lion King character on Y!A, please add Scar to your contact.

Halloween costume lion answers:

You killed ur brother so stfu

Sharon asks…

What top 5 lion king characters would you mate with?

you know you thought about it.

Halloween costume lion answers:

None. I’m not into bestiality.

Mark asks…

Whatever happened to Mufasa and all the other Lion King characters?

They were fun lol.

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Movie ended

John asks…

When you answer one of the Lion King characters, do you answer in third person?

Jay Sherman does.

Halloween costume lion answers:

John Stewart doesn’t

Sandra asks…

top 4 favorite lion king characters and why?

Which top 4 characters from The Lion King do you like and why. You must give at least 4. Not to hard.

mine is
Timon -Funny but aggresive.
Simba -Best main character.
Mufasa -Great dad of Simba.
Pumba -Funny pig.

Do not for any reason put obnoxious, obscene, rude, dumb, or foolish answers!
10 pts to best answer!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

1. Mufasa = Such an awesome dad and king. He did not deserve to die. I cry everytime I watch that scene T___T

2. Timon = Haha luv the guy. So funny. “hula dance”

3. Pumbaa = So hilarious in an innocent way XD

4. Simba = A very kind-hearted guy =]

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