Your Questions About Lion King 2

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March 7, 2013
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March 9, 2013
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Your Questions About Lion King 2

Thomas asks…

Did Mufassa come back to life in Lion King 2?

I’ve heard a rumor that at 1:13:54 in Lion King 2 you can see Mufasa run around, does this meen Mufassa is alive?

Halloween costume lion answers:

No.. No. No. Dumb. No. Just cuz there might be a lion that looked like him does not mean its mufassa. Plus there was that whole thing of simba being so much like mufassa.

Susan asks…

Similarities between Lion King 2 and Romeo and juliet?

In musical theater class we watched lion king 2, but i was absent and missed it. Now we have to write an essay comparing it with Romeo and Juliet! Please help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Firstly wish i was taking your class – and no worries you can just watch it on youtube

Its in 7 parts each are about 11 minutes long.
Hope this helps.

Betty asks…

Who played the voice of kiara in Lion King 2?

Who played the voiceof kiara in Lion King 2 when she was still a cub?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Liz Callaway … Adult Kiara (singing voice)
Michelle Horn … Young Kiara (voice)
Ashley Edner … Young Kiara (lion growls)
Charity Sanoy … Young Kiara (singing) (singing voice)

You can just check for answers like this on IMDb and that way you don’t lose your points aswell :)

Ken asks…

what are the names of the characters in the lion king 2?

what are the names of the kids and adults in the lion king 2? and if u want can u put pictures 2 becasue my son loves that movie and im trying to put together a poster 4 him

Halloween costume lion answers:

Nala, Simba
Kiara, Kovu

Kira & Kovu as kids.

Nala & Simba as kids.
Nala & Simba Adult.

Kiara and Kovu Older

Carol asks…

What is your favorite Lion King 1 or 2 character?

My favorite is Vitani. I like Zira and Nuka from Lion King: Simbas Pride and I also like Rafiki, and all the hyenas from the first movie.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Mufasa and simba (:

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