Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Couples

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March 24, 2012
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March 27, 2012
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Couples

Maria asks…


My fiancee and I are tight on funds and are trying to think of “homemade costumes“… Well, I am going as “Officer Sweetheart”… On my duty belt I have a dunkin donuts cup, measuring cup rings as my keys, gumballs as my bullets, and heart shaped cookie cutters as my handcuffs… We want something that HE can go as… And HOW to make it… Any suggestions would be great!! We have passed a few ideas around… But unsure where to start…

Halloween costume lion answers:

Prisoner something
he can do like the same ideas like instead of black bars as an outfit he wears candy cane striped with the cookie cutters, etc.

John asks…

What should me and my boyfriend wear for halloween?

Okay so this year were low on money and we’d like to spend little to NO money on halloween costumes. Soo anyone have any homemade costume ideas for couples or at least cute matches? Thanks for reading! Happy Halloween!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Doctor and patient.
Robber and cop.
Mad hatter and alice.
Mario and peach.
Shrek and fiona.
Prince charming and cinderella.
Aladdin and Jasmin.
Fred and daphne.
Shaggy and scobby.
Old man and old lady.
Cow boy adn cow girl.
Devil and angel.
King and queen.
Prince and princess.
50’s man and 50’s girl.
Southern gentlemen and southern bell.
Fred and wilma flinstone.
Woody and jessie.

Thomas asks…

Good couple Halloween costumes?

I realize it’s a long way away, but lately I’ve been thinking of costumes for Halloween this year. My family does a big party and everyone dresses up and couples usually try to couple-up their costumes. I would like to do something that can be homemade because the ones you buy are so expensive now. I was thinking Mario and Luigi? Any ideas would be helpful! ;) thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:


Richard asks…

Homemade Cleopatra Halloween Costume?

I have all the accessories for a Cleopatra Halloween Costume but I have no idea what to wear. I don’t want to go out and spend money on a costume for a couple of hours. Any suggestions on how I can dress as Cleopatra without buying a ready-made costume?

Thanks in advance.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Definately a white dress as a base, and then you could dress it with blue or gold fabric. You could use a thick gold belt and attach fake gems to it, and have either a blue or gold very thick scarf to wear hanging off your arms, wear sandals and thats all you need for a very simple costume. But if you want to go really basic just a white dress, sandals and gems is enough. Don’t forget to do egyptian style make-up

Lizzie asks…

Halloween Couples Costume Ideas !?

Whats a good halloween costume for couples, we are going to a party and have no idea what to where. We want to make it homemade, please help anything helps.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cracker and cheese

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