Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Scars

Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Ideas
August 22, 2012
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August 23, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Scars

Laura asks…

How can I make some homemade bloody scar makeup for halloween?

I’m going for a deformed kinda look for my friends party, so our costumes go together, but I’m pretty broke. Is there something that I can use at home or something at least very cheap so I can make some convincing scars and/ or cuts on my face?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Red paint and baby bell cheese wax under it

Linda asks…

How do you make fake scars(makeup/costume)?

Is anybody here good with makeup? I am going to a movie-themed costume party (like Halloween party) and want to get scars like Ed Harris in History of Violence…Does anyone know how to achieve that using makeup or whatever?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Costume Craze has a special on scars at the moment :) Their Pirate scar set is only $1.35 another scar makeup set is the Whip & Spike scar set. Includes six assorted length latex scars, varying from 6 to 17 inches, and six nail scars for hands.

Happy Halloween

Ken asks…

pirate on halloween makeup?

Im being a pirate on halloween and I was wondering how to make scars with makeup?
I have brown blue pink and purple eyeshadow brown and black eye line and any shade of lipstick to work with.
if you whant me to help on your Qus till me the name of it plz my cp do no links

Halloween costume lion answers:

Do you have a dark red lipstick? Use a fat line of the pink eyeshadow and then make a very faint line of the red lipstick right down the middle. You can also make it looked bruised with the blue and brown eyeshadows.

Donna asks…

How can I make fake scars/cuts for Halloween?

I want to look like the girl demon from The Exorcist … because I can’t think of something scarier to be. Where can i find a similar dress that she wears or another costume or something else that might work?
I’m interested in real, creepy makeup for halloween that won’t damange my skin. Thanks. :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

For fake scars take a red eyeliner pencil and draw red line where you want the scar to be draw a whit line next to it and smudge then together the white into the red if you do it the red into the white it doesnt work

now for cuts take some petrolium jelly or vasilean im sure thats not spelled right and put it where you want you cut then take a cheep thin tissue and you know how tissues have two layers? Take one off put that over the jelly and cut the edges off blend to your skin tone with conciler then using a toothpick rip a line through the middle of the cut then dap red fake blood or a ruby red lipstick on it liqid works best and a few drops trailing from the bottom ive also taken this one step further and put a triangular piece of plexiglass in there it stays and looks so real when i first showed my mom she ran for the phone to call 911 im 14 but ive taken a few theatrical makeup classes so this looks really really cool give it a try!


George asks…

Halloween Makeup Ideas?

For Halloween, I am going to be, like a dead bride that never got to her wedding. I am wearing a really pretty white silk gown, that actually looks bridal material. How should I do my makeup?
Eyeliner, draw scars, red lipstick???

I am in middle school, so don’t go too crazy. But yeah, eyeliner, and mascara, and shadow, and lipstick/lipgloss, and blush are the only things you can use.

Thanks, and give a good answer for 10 points!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Ya draw scars, really heavy eyeliner, maybe even wet it to look smuged.

Lol Alaura at least you gave me credit unlike alot of people! =)
Also, you can rub some brown eyeshadow on your face to look kinda dirty.

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