Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Games

Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes For College Girls
August 31, 2012
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September 1, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Makeup Games

Mark asks…

Halloween party games for teens?

I’m having a Halloween party and I don’t know what games to play. I don’t want games like bobbing for apples because were going to have Halloween makeup on. Also everyone that’s coming is a teen so I don’t want kiddie/lame games. About 8 people are coming please help me come up with ideas I really don’t know what to do.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hey there! :)

– Here are some game ideas for your Halloween party: Halloween Make-overs, Potion-making, Pie-eating contest, Build A Scarecrow, Pin The Wart on The Witch, Pumpkin-Carving, Broomstick Races (sort of like Quidditch from Harry Potter) etc.

– You could also have a Halloween Scavenger Hunt in the dark! Give everyone a torch and put Halloween-themed clues all around your house and have treats like Halloween cupcakes, gummy worms, etc.

– You could also have a film festival! Rent/download a Halloween themed movie such as: Halloween Town, Casper, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Haunted Mansion, Harry Potter Series, etc.

Hope this helped :) Have fun hosting your Halloween party!

David asks…

Halloween party! i need help with some games.?

ok, we will have around 6 or 7 teens total. (I know not a lot. but my one of my best friends cant come.) this is also going to be my birthday party. what are some spooky games that we can do? please no bloody marry or ghost sayonce. two of my friends might be sleeping over. i was thinking for the games, Ew what is that? (first person who guesses right wins the round), a relay with someone blindfolded and someone on the blindfolded persons back has to tell them where to go or how to get through. and mummy mummy come alive. we wont do bobbing for apples because it can mess up halloween makeup. please help me. (its from 5:00 to 10:00 i think)

Halloween costume lion answers:







Thomas asks…

Halloween games for group of 13 year old’s?

My 13 year old will be a haunted cow girl for Halloween. We just went to Goodwill today to get her costume. We always ‘make’ it. Never store bought. She got overalls, a flannel shirt, and we are looking for cow girl boots. She will do messy braids and tease a little of her hair maybe. She isn’t sure what makeup she will do. She might have a little group of friends to hang out in the backyard and go trick or treating. Any ideas for them to do? Thank you so much! Also, what for her makeup? Any other ideas to make her costume look better?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Water balloon toss , boccie ball tournament , pinata, obstacle course.

Ruth asks…

What is a better career choice gaming industry or Special FX(makeup and animation)?

I love the idea of both. I play alot of video games and enjoy making them, but everyone wants to do that nowadays I feel like its pointless because of that.

Special FX is cool because I am a huge zombie movie fan and enjoy halloween and costumes ect..and I have an idea of animation and how it works.

Only problem is I am not a great drawer.

Halloween costume lion answers:

If you go into gaming, expect to work for a pittance, be required to put in 18 hours days, and you will be CODING, not playing. You will not be an idea man, you will be handed a task that says “This character needs to move his arm up at about 14 degrees. Do it.” That’s your assignment.

The guys in the industry also say that if you get a girlfriend or a wife, you stand a greater chance of getting fired. Women are too distracting, so the unwritten rule is that you stay very single for the benefit of the company.

Mary asks…

What should i be for halloween?

i’m dancing at halftime at my schools homecomming game
unfortunately it is on halloween
so our makeup for the halftime dance, is going to be majorly black eyes. like very large black eyes that extend out
so i was wondering, since i dont’ wanna take off all the make up
what should i be for halloween
and what should i wear

Halloween costume lion answers:

The joker a zombie or a bandit

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