Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Make

Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Women
February 23, 2012
Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls
February 27, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Make

George asks…

im going to be a sexy POLICE WOMAN for halloween , COSTUME IDEAS???

what can i go out and buy to make a sexy police costume,
i also want it to be navy blue :)
oh seriously its only one night of the year , im just trying to have some fun dont be so serious im not what you would call a slut geeeeez.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I dressed up as a sexy cop last year with a friend. I just went to Party City and bought my costume since it was only $30 or so. She made hers at home though and it actually looked really good…

1. She wore a solid black button up blouse that was fitted and had short sleeves with solid black cotton shorts.

2. She had a thick black vinyl belt that she wore with a big gold or silver buckle. (You could easily find one at Good Will or Forever 21)

3. Go to the dollar store and buy a little kids cop set from the toy section. It will have handcuffs, a bad, and a fake gun. See if you can find a cop hat too there!

For shoes she wore black boots. You could also wear black platforms and fishnet stockings.

James asks…

Funny/witty/cute women’s halloween costume idea?

I’m sick of seeing girls just dress in lingerie and a pair of animal ears for Halloween. I want to make people laugh! I want to go as something that boarders on satirical, yet still maintanes sophistication and sexiness. I haven’t found anything yet, but if anyone has any ideas..?

Muchos Gracias :D

Halloween costume lion answers:

Dress as a woman in the kitchen. Have someone with a stove as their costume with you, and possibly as a refrigerator.

Instead of saying trick-or-treat, say, Excuse me sir(or ma’am), I couldn’t get out the kitchen for more ingredients to cook, Do you happen to have any sugar-based ingredients I could use?

I’d find that funny as hell if I were to have 3 people do that. But then again, that borders on being very sexist, so do what you’re comfortable with.

Linda asks…

Halloween costume ideas for a woman?

I know it’s really early but I’m just thinking now so I can save up money for a costume or make one. I’d like to do something on the sexier side but not something too revealing you know?

I was thinking Little Red Riding Hood or a pirate??
Just so you know I’m korean. I’m 5’4, average build, pear shape[if that helps?] meaning smaller bust, big hips, tiny waist. hahahha

On a side note, I don’t want to do something everyone is going to wear. Something creative. :) Thank you!

Halloween costume lion answers:

A secretary (wear a suit and cat eye glasses with your hair in a bun, pair of sexy heels)

A doll

a teenager from the 80’s (or 50’s, or 70’s)

a cavewoman

a police officer

lots of possibilities…..

David asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2 “Girls”?

My friends and I through a bit of trickery are going to be able to dress 2 different guys up at Halloween. They both were putting women down in a sociology class and we decided that this could be a great bit of payback. Neither one knows the other one will be doing this and they are both rather slight so we thought we’d give them a theme to make it even more fun. So far we’re a bit stuck. We’ve come up with Britney and Cristina, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, the two girls from Abba, 80s Madonna and current Madonna, or the Olsen Twins. We like Nicole and Paris the best, but other than the dog we couldn’t come up with actual costumes. Any ideas for that costume or easier to manage famous pairs?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Wilma and Betty from the Flinstones OR choose two female superheroes (superwoman and catwoman, for example).

Betty asks…

halloween costume ideas?

i want something cute and sexy, somthin that the guys will like, but i dont wanna be a slut. i also want it to be unique. i dont wanna go as: bumble bee, sailor, pirate, cop, fire fighter, cat, nurse, strawberry short cake, vampire, wonder women, fairy, princess, ect. that every other girl will go as. in fact i dont even care for it to be something imparticular, just some random things thrown together to make a unique sexy halloween costume.
thanks to anyone that answers, i know its kind of a weird list (dont know how else to phrase/describe my halloween idea 8P)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go as Eve and wear leaves over your privates

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