Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Groups

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September 22, 2012
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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Groups

Thomas asks…

Any Halloween Costume Ideas for groups?

Me and my friends want to do a group costume thing for halloween and i need some ideas please can you help me, but it must be appropriate for school please (10th grade)

Halloween costume lion answers:

If my friends and I were going to have matching costumes we would be fairies in all different colors.

Here is a good example:

Steven asks…

What are some halloween costume ideas for groups of 4 girls?

mmk so nothing too slutty
and idk no like cardboard boxes

Halloween costume lion answers:

You all should try the costume of creative and home made idea of ice cream candy with different colors as different flavors. This would be the best idea or else visit to for more ideas.

Robert asks…

halloween costume ideas for large groups?

i need halloween costume ideas for three girls,
two girls,
and two girl/guy couples.
and three girl/guy couples.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hooters Girl Outfit!! Girls could go in the white or black Hooter tank tops. The guys could go in the Hooter boxers and t shirts or the uniform that would be hilarious. They are def the hits of party. Everyone wants their picture taken with a Hooters girl. I got my costume off ebay since the actual restaurants wont sell them. Plus it will be unique because they are not sold in stores, not many people will be one. I just searched ebay for Hooters Halloween Costume. They are pretty cheap – only $50 for the whole outfit. They also just sell the tank tops. I probably wont wear the orange shorts in public, but still it will look cute with leggings. Good luck :)

Michael asks…

Halloween costume ideas for groups of six or more people?

something funny and original… for girls; fifteen…

thanks <3

Halloween costume lion answers:

Wizard of Oz
The Village People (have seen this before, was really cute)
101 Dalmations (easy & inexpensive)

Check out a costume site for group ideas. I like

Ken asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas For Groups?

Any Ideas for a group of people for Halloween Disco? We want to win the award so it needs to be unique, and funny! Thenk’s!
the theme is blast from the past!

Halloween costume lion answers:

See some group halloween costume ideas at to get some inspiration

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