Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

Maria asks…

Any good halloween costume ideas for girls?

I don’t want something too girly. I need a good costume Idea because im going to a halloween dance for school. Thanks yous!!
xD good ideas guys thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go as this.
It can be bought at any Spirit Halloween store

Sharon asks…

fun and easy to make halloween costume ideas for teenage girls?

me and my best friend needs some ideas for our halloween costume. we were planning to be thing one and thing two but we want more ideas. something fun and easy to make please? (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

Lady bug and bumble bee, butter fly, fire fighter, police man, cowgirl, you could be a pair of dice(: haha just take HUGE like wahsing machine boxes, cut hoels in where you will stick your arms out, then spray paint it white, then paint black dots on each side(: its really cool and people kept asking, can i roll you? And stuff like that on halloween funny(:

Susan asks…

What are some halloween costume ideas for 3 girls?

We’re 16 & 17. There’s a big halloween party, and we can’t think of anything. It can be “sexy” or just plain goofy. Last year a friend and I were ketchup and mustard, haha. We need ideas for 3 though..thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Jonas Brothers : )

Ruth asks…

Halloween costume ideas for girls?

We are 12 and need some halloween costume ideas. its a little early but we want to get a good variety. We want to go as something that matches. We want something not to skimpy but cute for 7th graders. thx, links would be great! or ideas works too!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hi Skittles T.!
Check this selection of Teen Halloween Costume for girls. I think it helps.
I like Fun World Costumes Junior’s Teen Skull Fairy

Betty asks…

good halloween costume ideas for girls?

i need some good costume ideas. i am 15 so i dont want 2 b anything 2 cutesy but my parents wont let me wear anything to “revealing.” plus my budget is around $10. plz help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can’t get squat for $10

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