Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

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Your Questions About Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Daniel asks…

What are good COUPLES Halloween costume ideas?

I need some ideas for a couples halloween costume for two teenagers. My boyfriend and I are going to a costume party and I want us to go together somehow :)
Something creative and fun please!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

A housefly and the SWAT Team. Get some waffle glasses and a pair of wings and some antenna and the other one get a ball cap with SWAT written on it or a sweatshirt and carry a fly swatter.


John asks…

Halloween costume ideas for couples?

Do you know of any good halloween costume ideas for couples? My sister is celebrating her birthday a few days before halloween and I thought of giving her a halloween costume as a gift. And I also thought of making it even better – give her and her husband a halloween costume. But where do I begin to look? Is there a place online where I can buy funny couple halloween costumes?

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can get a lot of halloween costume ideas for couples, like

1. Ball and chain set
2. Plug and socket set
3. Ghostbusters adult couples costume set
4. Biblical costume adam and even
5. Adult lock and key adult costume
6. Bacon and eggs couples adult costume
7. Scooby Doo – Fred and Daphne adult costume
8. The muppets couples costume Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog

Hope this helps :-)

Mark asks…

Halloween costume ideas for couples. Any ideas?

I need some ideas for a couples halloween costumes, that will be cheeeeaaappp! Nothing dirty though. Please help?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Mickey mouse & minnie mouse
angel & devil
raggedy ann & whoever that little boy is with her
old man old lady (i did that one year, it was really funny and cheap)
cat & dog
Sherlock Holmes and Watson
those people in the straight jackets
donald duck and daisy
military/army girls/boys
freak show characters

basically anything that comes in pairs…

Helen asks…

What are some cool Halloween costume ideas for couples?

I’m trying my best to avoid those cheesy and lame costumes (i.e. plug and outlet) and I have exhausted myself looking through websites and Halloween stores. I wouldn’t mind creating a costume from scratch, as long as it’s worth it. Thanks for the suggestions!

Halloween costume lion answers:

What about construction guy and gal, you can pretty much put this together with stuff at home and just have to buy a little

and the guy can dress his self to look like construction.

What about Him being a cop and you be a prisoner.

How you both dress in Amy or Camouflage outfits.

Ken asks…

Anyone have good ideas for a lesbian couples halloween costume ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

– Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson
– Austin Powers and fembot
– Octomom and baby
– Casey Anthony and zombie child
– Jane Lynch from Glee and cheerleader
– pagent mom and pagent daughter
– the bride and elle driver from Kill Bill
– circus ring leader and tiger/lion

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