Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes

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November 10, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costumes

Ruth asks…

What are ideas for DIY group Halloween costumes?

I’m going to a Halloween party this Saturday and my friends and I (all girls) are looking for cute ideas for DIY group costumes. Any ideas would be really appreciated! (:

Halloween costume lion answers:

I have seen this one on the Internet for a while now…


It’s so cute!

This site also has a bunch of other ideas you can use (I love the Tetris one):

Lizzie asks…

Most fun / interesting pair or group halloween costumes you’ve ever encountered?

What crazy pair/ group costumes have you come across in your years of halloween hoo hah?

Best answer awarded not for quantity but quality of answer. Most unique will win!

Halloween costume lion answers:

A few years ago I saw these 2 kids and one was an ipod and another was an ipod shuffle, they literally were walking around in these huge suits!

Lol i found a picture-

Maria asks…

What are some great group costumes for Halloween? (Please read the question inside)?

So it’s my senior year of high school and my friends and I want a funny (but appropriate) and unique group Halloween costume. There’s probably going to be about 8 of us who will be involved (all girls). We don’t want to do something that has been done numerous times before (superheroes, pirates, babies, vampires, spice girls, princesses). Any ideas? The best idea we have come up with is being a bunch of Sharpie markers.

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Pink Ladies from Grease

Power rangers (All the old ones and the new)

The Lost Boys from peter pan

You could be the greek Muses (Though there were 9, I dont think many people are privy to that fact)

Sports refs (Some as umps, some as refs)

Ganster/mobster ladies

Care Bears 9It sounds childish, but you could make it cute!)

Police Squad

Bumble bees

Soldiers (This one is my favorite. All recon-chic! Lol)

Mariachi band

The Monks from Monty Pythin and the Holy Grail (Its the funniest thing ever!)

Spartan Warriors

Storm Troopers (From Star Wars!)

Jedis (Also from star wars)

Fembots (Austin Powers)

One of you can go dressed as Cruela DeVille and the rest of you dalmation puppies!!!

Thats all I have for now. Hope this helps.

Laura asks…

What are some ideas for group Halloween costumes? ?

I would like some ideas for a group between 2-10 people for Halloween costumes.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Check out some of the ideas here in this article about group halloween costume ideas
keep checking ones are being added all the time.

Michael asks…

Need some cool group halloween costumes for about 6 people?

Me and my friends want to do a group costume this year. We are in high school. Its about 6 guys. Last year we did the village people and brought a recording of the YMCA to school and danced around the halls. We want something to top that but we cant think of anything.

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Wizard of Oz? Or something they’ll never guess, the cast of Lost or Gilligans Island.

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