Your Questions About Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults

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November 6, 2011
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Your Questions About Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults

William asks…

ORIGINAL adult group costume ideas PLEASE?

I know this question has been asked a BILLION times but I’m taking the gamble nonetheless. I’m stumped! Okay, 2 males & 3 females all in their mid-twenties. HUGE adult Halloween costume party coming up & the group of 5 would like to knock everyone’s socks off! Nothing that’s been overdone & nothing that is too far-fetched. The 2 males would like to be the same thing yet have some minor differences (i.e. colors) and the same thing goes for the 3 females as well. All five included in the group are attractive and in excellent physical shape so they would like to use that to their advantage WITHOUT crossing the line of indecency. Something hot, fresh, young, sexy, & complimentive of one another. I’m asking waaaaaaaaay too much, aren’t I??? lol. Anyway, it’s worth a shot. ANY answer to my overly detailed question will be GREATLY appreciated!!! ;]

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could go as a mafia type group.

Here are three possible female costumes.

and possible male costumes.

Just a fun little group idea.

Laura asks…

Halloween costume ideas for a group…?

For a volleyball tournament, all the coaches dress up for halloween. There will either be 4 or 5 of us in our group and we need to think of a theme. What are some good/original costume ideas for either a group of 4 or 5 adults? PG ideas only…

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hey, I found some links with great ideas. There are tons of PG ones for you guys. I was looking, and they even had ideas for coaches (first link). I hope that this works for you! It sounds like fun. I wish that my coaches would have done something like that for me!

Robert asks…

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas . .?

I’m a 13 year old girl & I was trying to find a cute costume for Halloween. Me & 2 other girls are going together, so I wanted an idea that could be a group kinda thing. Like for example, last year I was a bumblebee, another was a ladybug, and my other friend was a butterfly, lol. :) I want something that would be cute, & kinda like the adult costumes but not so slutty. lol. & also something unique! Please & Thank You. :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Buying a costume? Look at these online costume shops below.


Have you considered making your own costume? Look at these great websites below.


Check out Ebay for great costume deals and professional quality
homemade costumes.

James asks…

How do I change up the same costume?

I’m tight on money and really feel it’s a waste of money to buy 2 costumes…since most of the Halloween costumes for adults nowadays are like $50 and up…if I was made of money I would but I only bought one costume…I’m going to be a Gothic Vamp Fairy…and I’m attending 2 Halloween parties…one on the 20th and the other on the 27th…and need to find ways to change it up since most of the same group of people will be at both parties. I’m having MAC cosmetics go all out on my makeup for the party on the 27th but what can I do for the party on the 20th?

Any ideas and / or suggestions are welcome. Remember, I am on a budget! Thank you!

Halloween costume lion answers:

If a pro is doing your make-up one night and you’re doing your own the other, then there should be significant difference and you should be fine.

Daniel asks…

I want to have a Halloween Party….ideas for activities?

I am having, or I should say I WANT to have a party this year. It’s been a few years since I did one, so I need some tips. I am in an apartment, granted a pretty big one, but we cannot use a yard or anything like that like I got to do last time. There is going to be drinking of course. So what are some activities I can do with a group of drunk adults dressed up in costumes? I was thinking of doing a costume contest, but not sure what to have as a prize. I’m also on somewhat of a budget as far as that goes. I already have most of my decorations though. I’ll take any ideas I can get!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I’ve done costume contests before where I have everyone that wants to compete put in money (the amount is up to them, or you can set a price, say, $5/person or so) into a jar. Then, you pass out slips of paper to have people vote on their favorite costume and whoever wins gets the money that’s in the jar. That way, you don’t have to buy prizes! Everyone likes money! :)

I have a party every year, and it sometimes seems as if a group of drunk adults would much rather just be a group of drunk adults, than do activities.

You could also have people make an iPod playlist or something like that. Every time I have a party, my friends like to be able to play a few of their own songs. Good luck! Halloween is so much fun!!

Lizzie asks…

Adult Halloween Party?

My friend recently bought a new house. She’s been itching for a reason to throw a party. Well, she decided to have a little get together for Halloween. The guest list will range in ages from 22-26. We will be wearing costumes.

What are some good ideas for food, punch (with alcohol) and maybe games for this age group? We’ll be drinking, but not getting drunk. We are beyond that stage of life.

My friend is also on a budget and she has recruited me for idea. I had a awesome Halloween party a few years ago and had tons of ideas saved to my computer. But, my computer died and I lost all my files and links.

So, I need help finding some ideas.

Halloween costume lion answers:

How are the 22 year olds done getting drunk?!!? I don’t get it. Anyway to answer your question, you need to set a dark atmosphere. Lighting and decorations are probably the most important elements. I good selection of music for dancing is always a plus, and with Halloween, you can really get creative with the soundtrack. As far as food, a smattering of candy, and some healthier (spooky themed) foods would be good. Think light snack range. I’d make the punch a really dark red with food coloring.

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