Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For Girls

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April 14, 2012
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April 15, 2012
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Your Questions About Group Costume Ideas For Girls

Laura asks…

Group of 5 halloween costume ideas (girls)…?

We need some ideas for five girls we are 8th graders and we need a group costume idea containing five people.
Spice Girls are out

Halloween costume lion answers:

Sailor Scouts :)

Carol asks…

Group Halloween costume ideas for girls?

At school all the seniors are dressing up in groups of people and my friends and I don’t know what to dress up as. It has to be some type of costume that pertains to an entire group, like the mystery crew or the teenage mutant ninja turtles for example. Does anyone have any ideas for four girls to dress up as? Any ideas are appreciated :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Storybook character-alice in wonderland, goldilocks, little red riding hood, robinhood(girl) and little miss muffet for examples
wizard of oz characters-tin man, lion, scarecrow, dorothy and more
you could all be crayons like have different colored shirts and write the color on it
those are just some ideas so hope i help :))

Joseph asks…

Teenage girls group costume ideas?

We have about 7 people in our group. All girls. We have no idea what to dress up as for Halloween! We were thinking Disney Princesses, but we’re not sure. We need more ideas! Help?
We are all 16, so nothing too inappropriate!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Do all of the diffrent disney princesses

Thomas asks…

Who has good group costume ideas for three girls?

My friends and I are going trick-or-treating and this is my last year I’m allowed to (I’m in junior high). We are three girls and we really want to go out with a bang! We already have:
peace,love, and happiness
the fates
greek goddesses
abercrombie,american eagle, and hollister
hocus pocus witches
sleeping beauty fairies
candy bars
clue characters
the ‘no evil’ things
twenties girls
Elphaba, Galinda, and Nessa/Madame Morrible (Wicked)
Roxie, Velma, and Mama (Chicago)
Charlies Angles
Ghosts of Past Present and Future
Dixie Chicks
3 peas in a pod
The Nights who say NIE

I guess our question is which to do or if you have any other good ideas. There are cute guys in the neighborhood too so make them cute, but not toooo revealing! We are only in junior high!

Halloween costume lion answers:

They had a lot of giant wings at the Halloween store yesterday. Wearing giant wings would be so cool for almost any costume. Bat wings, angel wings, devil wings. You could be a demon, angel… Anything is scarier and more fun with giant wings! Zombie with skeleton wings! Ghost with angel wings!

Lizzie asks…

Halloween costume ideas for a group of teen girls?

Me and my friends are going together this year for halloween and we want to have group costumes. There’s 6 girls. We want it to be something like funny, but not offensive or something cute.
we got ideas like disco divas, kiss, disney princesses, charlies angels…but couldnt agree on any of them. any ideas????

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be a flock of geese xD
My friends and I did this last year on Halloween, and every car that we jaywalked in front of had the drivers laughing their asses off.

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