Your Questions About Costume Lion Toddler

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September 24, 2011
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September 26, 2011
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Your Questions About Costume Lion Toddler

Jenny asks…

How can I convince my mommy to let me choose my Halloween costume?

She wants me to match little Francis toddler+costumes-animals/IC6003-elite-lil-lion-infant-toddlercostume.html

I want to wear this one costume.html

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can wear this one:

while singing this song :

and thus irritate her into submission.

Donna asks…

Making a toddler beast costume?

I cannot find them for sale anywhere. My 5 yr old wants to be belle so we are going to make my 22 mo old beast. I ordered a lion costume off of e-bay-but how do i dress him up to look like a beast and not a lion???

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cut of the mane.
You could get a cheap baby tux and stitch that on to the outfit! The beast wears one at the end of the film when the dance together!


William asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas For Toddler?

My son is 15 months old. Someone gave him a lion costume that i loved but i didn’t fit. So we bought him one but all the store had was one costume around his size and it ended up being too big. Im afraid im not going to find anything before halloween. I don’t want to do a pumpkin because he was a pumpkin last year. Does anyone have any costume ides i could make at home? Thanks!
I am also afraid to order anything without trying it on because he is big for his age.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go homemade.
You can make it fit him perfectly.

Some of my ideas are

a: Ghost. Very simple, get an old sheet, cut it. Taddaaa!

B: Zombie Baby, rip clothes, paint face (use safe face paints. Little kids love face paint though) Buy him something like this–

It’s so cheap, and fits alll head sizes (I haveone and It starts out tiny then stretches around.. Larger.. Heads. I’m sure it will fit a 1 year old.)

I hope I helped and have fun at Halloween!

Betty asks…

Do they make CUTE teen lion cotumes (NOT “sexy” ones)?

Kind of like this one, except in a bigger size, obviously:

Halloween costume lion answers:

Just follow the lioness instructions.

Susan asks…

Halloween costume for the family?

Here is what we are planing on wearing

my costume: Costume/34523/ProductDetail.aspx

my husband’s: Costume/38168/ProductDetail.aspx

5 year old daughter’s: Toddler-Child-Costume/60922/ProductDetail.aspx

my newborn son’s (his first halloween!) :

what do you think of these costumes?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Very cute!(: my parents dont dress up anymore):
I like how you and your husband are matching.
You daughters costume is ADORABLE.
And I just LOVE that lion!(:
Good Choices!

John asks…

What are your kids being for Halloween? Any themes going on in your family?

I’m 13, and I don’t have any kids. I’m going to party that night. My family is going out trick-or-treating though. They are making it a little “zoo” and each kid is going to be an animal.

9 year old girl- “purrty” kitty

6 year old girl- bunny

4 year old boy- frog

3 year old boy- monkey

4 month old girl- pink lamb

4 month old boy- lion
Don’t worry, we’re not making them be something. The 2 oldest girls got to pick ANYTHING, and they choose 2 animals. Then my mom just decided to gear the toddlers into animal department. Then the twins obviously my mom picked, to go with the theme.
Oh, and the 9 year old’s costume is a little, um short lol. My mom bought a pink shirt to go under it (long sleeve) and pink leggings too.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Those are great, and the theme idea is superb. I made a skunk costume for me when I was a girl your age. My sister was a giraffe.

My three children were “rolling waiters” one year. They wore roller skates and black and white with hats, mini tuxes, and a tray with plastic wine glasses glued to the tray. That was good.

One year I dressed them all in the soldier outfits with the outfit like guards in England with the tall hats and tassels hanging and also tassels hanging from their shoulders. But they wore White pants, good for walking in the dark.

I built a train and the three of them walked inside it. The Engine, the middle car and the caboose. Actually the middle car was a wagon decorated like a middle car and I pulled it because my daughter was to young to walk. But they all were dressed like engineers.

One year I made them elfs. One year a teapot, cream and sugar bowl. Dressed them in brown and they costume was around them. The teapot was yellow and the cream and sugar had a design on them.
Cardboard boxes shaped into these items, the same for the train.

I always make sure they are in light costumes, no blacks. Even with parents with them, it helps to keep track of them with white colour and flashing lights that they can carry,

Have fun Kassidy…..I also just love Halloween

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