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January 15, 2012
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Your Questions About Costume Lion Pattern

Robert asks…

Is there a adult cowardly lion costume or a pattern that looks like the one on wizard of oz.?

The ones ive found so far are pretty lame looking

Halloween costume lion answers:

Based on my first source, a movie still of the lion, it looks like the costumes available are pretty awful, even the $180+ “deluxe” licensed version. I thought maybe you could find a similar costume (i.e. A generic lion, dog, etc.) that could then be adapted, but nothing looks quite right. Consequently it looks like you’ll have to make one entirely yourself. There is a Simplicity brand licensed pattern that I came across, but it’s no longer listed on their site and doesn’t look too good either. A search for adult onesie type patterns didn’t help much either.

The second source below links to the closest pattern I could find. With the right fabric, I think this will get you a pretty close result for the body. The movie fabric looks like a very shiny, somewhat heavy fabric…notice how it folds with movement. Something heavier should also help flesh out the pattern and make it look less like pajamas. It looks like there are gloves attached in the pattern picture, but I can’t be sure. You may have to do separate gloves and camoflage the seam with a little extra fur.

The third source links to some long fur fabric, though it’s only 2 inches long, not nearly as long as the movie costume. Still it’s the longest I found. He has a long shaggy portion at the top which really is almost like a short cape of fur and then some random patches. I’m not a sewing-type person, so I’m not sure of how difficult all this will be, though it looks hard.

For the head, you may be best off buying the licensed mask/hair combination. If you are good with latex appliances and makeup then you may be able to recreate the look on your own. The mask isn’t that great (last source) but it could save you the nightmare of figuring out how to make the head portion with it’s long curls. I think it’s a separate wig so theoretically you could have a wig custom made, including the ears. In this case you might be able to order the hair used to match it to your costume. But this would most likely be VERY expensive and cost more than the mask would.

Maybe you can buy a decent version of the costume and just tweak it until it looks good. Hopefully this helps some and/or gives you some ideas. Good luck!

Maria asks…

How can I make Susan’s Archery Costume?

I’m interested in making Susan’s Archery costume from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Does anyone have any patterns or ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:


Lisa asks…

I need themed costumes for 2 adults (female and male) and 2 dogs. Any ideas?

My husband and I always have 2 or 3 Halloween parties to go to. Usually we are able to take both of the dogs with us. I can sew intermediate patterns. Last year we went as the Wizard of Oz group – One dog was a Lion, one was a flying monkey, my husband was the strawman and I was Dorothy. Any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Both dogs should be hot dogs and and you guys could be mustard and ketchup

Ken asks…

are there any patterns for animal costumes?

the animals are; spider, snake,lion, tiger,zebra,giraffe,monkey,crow, dog, turtle, peacock queen bee, hen

Halloween costume lion answers:

Generic bird costume you can adapt to the hen or peacock

Making Tails

Joseph asks…

I had a weird dream last year..?

I was walkin in a forest. Then, all off a sudden, I was in a long corridor. The corridor had walls either side – glass walls – they were like stained glass windows that you find i churches, but with playing cards on them like Kings and queens. The bottom of the glass corridor was stained glass too, with playing cards on. There was no top to the corridor. I looked around and the glass corridor was in the sky – bright blue with white fluffy clouds, and when I looked down, the corrior was held up by gold poles. The corridor went on and on forever and when i looked down, that seemed to go on forever too. I looked at my feet and I was wearing high heels, one bright red, and the other green. i was wearing a beautiful dress – it was like a dutch dress with patterns on it. I had long red flowing hair and my lips were red and I was pale. It was like a fairy tale. There were doves in the sky, Then all of a sudden there were people banging on the glass and staring through at me – most of them were familiar faces. It seemed like everyone I’d ever know was staring through at me. I started screaming, but i couldn’t speak, i could only scream. And as i screamed the people who i didn’t know as much disappeared and my mother, my father and my other family members were stood looking through at me from the sky. They faded away as i screamed at them to help and banged back. Then they were joined by the dead relatives from my fanily that i never knew – like my granmother. All the characters were pale white. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, they were gone and all i saw was doves baging on the glass as they flew past. I was still banging and then all of a sudden the heels on my shoes turned to daggers and i found myself falling throught the glass. I could feel the breeze as i couldn’t for some reason when I was inside the corridor (although it had no top). I was really scared and as i fell, all of a sudden i was caught under the arms by two guards that looked familiar, but were dressed like in alice in wonderland, with the wigs, and tights and stupid costumes. They looked stern ans they carried me through the corridor. I was waking up and falling asleep as they carried me. I must have been going along the corridor for years.. but i didn’t out up i fight, i was just confused and scared. When we reached the end, I found myself in a red room. I looked at my self in a mirror as we walked past, and i was younger! in the dream i was about 14, but then i was about 9 (i was eleven when i had the dream). It suddenly went dark, then turned into like so sort of castles ruin, with dusty floors and suddenly it turned into a really posh castle, with a banquet and beautiful furniture. i was carried through one room and lead to some place where it was windy and nomal. I was dropped down a sort of well that looked like a lion with its head up and it’s mouth open. it was made of stone, and as i was dropped down, all i could see was blackness as i fell. the last part that happened before i woke was that i hit the grassy floor and it was just pitchblack and cold.

Can anyone tell me what this dream means?! I really wanna know!
you obviously don’t know anything about dream interpretation then! if you have nothing usefull to say, then don’t bother answering! >=(
I didn’t mean you, that was a fantastic answer, I meant the first answer.

Halloween costume lion answers:

It’s an anxiety dream. You’re anxious about growing up.

“[A]ll off a sudden, I was in a long corridor”, a formal corridor, with kings, queens and knaves (!) lining the walls. A corridor is a place of transition, conducting you from where you were to where you will be, but really are no place themselves. This corridor is made of glass, which exposes you on all sides to the scrutiny of others (“It seemed like everyone I’d ever know was staring through at me”), including relatives you’ve never met (“Then they were joined by the dead relatives from my fanily that i never knew”). You’re completely unprotected in the corridor – the walls and floor are made of glass, and there is no roof to shelter you – so even though all about you is “bright blue [sky] with white fluffy clouds”, you begin to scream and don’t stop.

You’re “wearing high heels,” a woman’s shoes, not a child’s, “one bright red” that signals “Stop!”, “and the other green” that signals “Go!” This badge of maturity turns dangerous – “all of a sudden the heels on my shoes turned to daggers” and you plunge through the floor of the corridor, making another very scary transition until you’re “caught under the arms by two guards that looked familiar” (I suspect one was your father, perhaps the other one, too) and conducted to yet another corridor. At some level you recognize that your dream is about growing up (“I must have been going along the corridor for years”), but that doesn’t help you make sense of the dream or of growing up (“i was just confused and scared”).

At the end of this second corridor “I found myself in a red room”, a thinly veiled reference to another aspect of growing up a young woman. You’re confused about your own identity in this dream, both more and less mature than you are in real life(“I looked at my self in a mirror as we walked past, and i was younger! In the dream i was about 14, but then i was about 9 (i was eleven when i had the dream)”).

Your standing as “princess” (does daddy call you that?) is restored when the red room is transformed into a castle. However, just as things are looking up for you, you’re fed to the lions, or at least “a sort of well that looked like a lion”, falling again out of control but this time there’s no blue sky to be seen. You land on the grass unable to see even where you are, let alone where you might be going. Perhaps you’re back in your forest again, a child surrounded by adults so much larger that their legs seem veritable tree trunks, but maybe it’s another and still worse transition.

That’s disturbing, so you wake up.

How’s that? Do I get a cookie now?

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