Your Questions About Costume Lion King

Your Questions About Lion Costumes
October 2, 2011
Your Questions About Costume Lion Tamer
October 3, 2011
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Your Questions About Costume Lion King

Donna asks…

Ideas on making a Simba (Lion King) Halloween costume?

Hello! I’m thinking about doing Simba from The Lion King for my son’s first Halloween. I want to make the costume myself, but I need ideas on what to do to it to make it look like Simba. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could make something like this:

Im sure there are similar patterns to make costumes like this at a fabric store or walmart.

Or you could do this
use a
yellow hooded sweatsuit
yellow felt
2 pairs of black socks
Use face paint to make his face like a lions

For the ears, cut two triangles from felt. Either hand sew or hot glue onto the hood. Keep in mind that hand sewing will make the ears easily removable so you can reuse the sweatsuit after Halloween! Cut a long tail from the remaining felt and attach to the back of the pants with a safety pin. Have child wear one pair of black socks on his hands and one pair on his feet.

Richard asks…

How to make a Nala(Lion King) Costume?

I will be in a production of the Lion King in a few months and I’m auditioning for Older Nala and I just kind of want to get an idea of a lioness costume.I thought of a nude unitard and nude jazz shoes I just don’t know what to do with my hands and hair.
If you have any suggestions/ideas they would be appreciated. If you’ve ever been in the Lion King or seen the stage production could you give me a link to some pictures or some general idea for costumes that would be great! Thanks!!
Um. Really? The play is May 2009 so we haven’t really started much of anything except sing. Please don’t report us to the law we haven’t done anything illegal. We planned the play so far in advance because the Rights haven’t been released.

Halloween costume lion answers:

If you’re auditioning for a production of the Lion King then you shouldn’t have to worry about your own costume – the rights have not yet been released so if you’re auditioning it must be for a legitimate production, which will provide you with a costume. If it’s not a Disney sanctioned production, they’re breaking the law.

Michael asks…

how do i make a pumba (lion king) costume?

I need ideas!!! please help

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go hunting for a lion.

Ruth asks…

how to make a The Lion King (Broadway) Nala Costume?

i’ve decided i wanted to be a Lion King character for halloween this year! (FYI, i’m a hudge fan!) i got caught up with the musical and decided to go as Nala. but i have no clue how to make the costume! (and i mean the whole costume! headpiece and all!) so if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated!!!!! :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Maybe you can find one premade on ebay

Helen asks…

Lion king broadway costume???

Okay well im a huge lion king fan and i need an answer. I want to make a costume like the actual ones on broadway. the mask i can probably make. um but i have to make it for a lioness. what do i do for the costume part? no saying buy a leotard and put fur on it. i dislike those kind of answers. okay tell me how to make a simple mask for the lioness and the costume. and please no masks instructions that cover the face. thanks and bye.
um thank you for the answer johan but i wasnt really looking for anything like that. i mean like BROADWAY the lion king. watch a sample video please if anyone wants to answer. see the lionesses? yes? oh i want to know how to make one of the costumes like that.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well being a Cats fan myself Ive found out there is severl people on the web thats experts on theese kind off subjects. For starting you can try out places like Feast of Dreams and Cats Costume Design Board. And if you get stuck completely you can always commission a costume, or part off it. Johan.

Daniel asks…

Hi, My daughter needs to make a costume from Lion King Broadway Show..HELP!!?

Hi, She needs to make the costume for the character Scar…Does anyone know where we can find ANY instructions, etc?? HELP!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hmm… I’m a long-time Lion King fan and I have to admit I’m pretty sure that they don’t sell the Broadway version of that costume- but I have a few tips on how to make it.

-The actual body should be easy enough to make- you can follow the pattern of almost any animal pattern (look for these at sewing stores such as Joanne Fabrics). A lion would work best, but any animal with a tail will work if you use the right color fabric. (If you’re like me and can’t sew for beans, visit a local dry cleaner- chances are they’ll sew it for you for $10-20 or so- that’s how I got my prom dress altered :).

-For the head (the hardest part) I would recommend looking VERY closely at a picture of it (there’s a small version of the mask that’s an ornament- you can find pictures of it on eBay). You should be able to make it using pieces of cardboard- first, cut and then tape (use a strong tape; not scotch tape) the pieces together so that they form the basic shape (a somewhat flat octagon of sorts). If the pieces are flimsy you can reinforce them with straws on the inside or by slipping thin wires between the corrugated parts of the cardboard.
Next, you should use either a good clay (I recommend Crayola gray scultping clay- after 24hrs it’s pretty strong and not terribly heavy- I made a mask out of it that lasted thru 3 days of wear :) or extra pieces of cardboard to form the contouring of the mask (eg. The way his eyelids are raised and his nose sticks out). After you’ve finished getting the basic shape you can paint it so it’s the right color; don’t forget to leave eyeholes and nose holes though!

-You can either staple a piece of strong fabric to the back of mask and then sew it to the body piece, or you can just wear the mask seperately by putting an elastic band on the back (WARNING: the band needs to be STRONG and should have an extra band running from the top of the mask back- a upside-down T-shape will be stronger, trust me). And that should do it!

-Hope this helps! Good luck to your daughter in the play! :)

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