Your Questions About Costume Lion Ears

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November 2, 2011
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November 10, 2011
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Your Questions About Costume Lion Ears

Maria asks…

Can anyone give me a link to a crochet pattern for curved cat ears that look like lion ears?

I’m trying to do a costume for my son and all the cat ears I find are pointy. But I need them curved because he is going as a lion. Thanks.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Maybe one of these

Lizzie asks…

How can I dress up as a lion for halloween?

I bought a tail and ears but I dont know what to do I was thinking of doing dramatic makeup but what about the clothing? Can anyone help me plan out my lion costume for halloween?


Halloween costume lion answers:

Tan shirt and shorts for makeup look on youtube

Daniel asks…

There’s a she wolf in the closet, actually I need reassurance on my lion costume :)?
So here’s how it’s gonna go:
I’m wearing a black corset and brownish tights (a little lighter than showed on the site)
Over those tights I’m wearing those black ruffle booty shorts
and over those I’m wearing the short tutu.
After putting on my tail and ears,
I’m gonna give myself a lion nose and bright red lipstick and as an added plus hair gets crazy big:

I’m going for the whole sexy thing going on there, good costume?
Also, what shoes should I wear and if you could make any improvements, that would be great :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Eh, it seems like way too much going on down on your sit-upon. Try take out the booty shorts and it’ll be perfect.

As for shoes. Go for heels. Like Mary Jane pumps

Laura asks…

Help with my lion costume….?

I just bought a lion costume “kit” from Claire’s Boutique. It came with the ears on a headband, a tail, jeweled whiskers, and mittens for paws. They are all tan in color and I am trying to figure out what to wear with it. I was thinking a skirt and shirt but all I have is black. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
Yes, the link posted is the costume I bought. I really do not want to buy a brown/tan skirt or anything because I won’t wear it again most likely. Any other ideas? Thanks for the help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

is that it?

Wear all tan and use eye liner to get the black lines

Sharon asks…

How can I make my costume look more like a lion ?

For Halloween I’m supposed to be the cowardly lion, but they didnt have the costume, so I had to get a bear one . Costume-Adult-Sexy-Teddy-Bear-Costume-50pct-OFF-SALE-ITEM.html I added cheetah pointy ears, and a cheetah tail, I know lions arnt cheetah but that was all they sold. But it still doesnt look like a lion , any help ?

Halloween costume lion answers:

A picture of the cowardly lion:

1) Cut the bows off of the costume.
2) Actually the rounded ears will work just fine, no need for cheetah ears.
3) Get yourself a long tail to pin to the back of the costume, preferably in the brown color.
4) Wear fuzzy or plain Ugg boots in brown
5) Wear your hair in banana curls. If it is dark, spray it with a yellow/orange/white to bring it into the brown, or buy a wig.
6) Wear a red bow in your hair.
7) Give yourself a brown nose and whiskers.

Richard asks…

Halloween costume help?

I want to dress up like a lion this year but I would really love not to have to spend 60+ dollars on my costume as most of the lion costumes I have looked at are for some reason.
My ideal costume would be a tan dress, probably some sort of legging or stocking so that it is “dress code appropriate,” (high school and all) ears and tails are a plus but I’ll have to get those from a store and I don’t know what to do for the shoes at all, probably just find some ballet flats.

I really need to know where to find a tan dress and how I can incorporate some fur onto the costume so if you are creative please give me your input and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Modeling it after these but perhaps not as sluttish?

Halloween costume lion answers:

The fur leg wraps are cheap and easy, they sell that fur at the fabric stores, maybe even WalMart in the fabric dept. Just attach velcro inside it. Most important is to do your face right, the nose and whiskers. Id look at a Disney store and see what you can find since they sell Lion King stuff. Dont forget about ebay!

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