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October 26, 2011
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Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Michael asks…

What are some cheap Halloween costume ideas?

I’m a poor college student who is expected to dress up for Halloween. What are some cheap ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Ken asks…

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas?

I need help thinking of a good idea for a Halloween Costume with a tiny next to no budget. Help?

I can use things around the house but I can’t spend hardly any money on it, it’s for a contest that’s based on most originality and unique creativity without buying the costume.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to:

www. Coolest-homemade-costumes. Com/

You have to take the spaces out of the link to make it work.

All their ideas have to be submitted by folks who give good directions on how to make stuff and a photo of the costume accompanies the directions.

Maria asks…

Need cheap Halloween costume ideas, person with the most ideas and how to do them gets 10 pts!!?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here are a bunch of ideas I have written up for Yahoo! Over the years.
The links tell you what all you need, where to get it and how to put the costumes
together. I hope you find something you really can have lots of fun being!

Easiest Costume Ever: Priest Movie 2011

‘Legally Blonde’ Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes: Cheap, Easy, and Fun! Says it’s for kids, but anyone can use these ideas.

Celtic Halloween Costume: Woad from ‘King Arthur’ Using Blue Hair Paint

Crazy Cat Lady Costume – and Tips for Making it at Least Mildly Cute

Short Girl Costumes that Are Original and Not Skanky

Space Alien Group Costume, Subtle and sure to win any school or office contest

No Fangs on ‘Twilight’ Vampires!
How to Put Together a ‘Twilight’ Vampire Costume
The next movie comes out November 18, so the trailer will be on TV a lot just before
Halloween, so everyone will know what you are supposed to be!

Halloween Costumes Your Boyfriend Will Wear, Even If He Is Too Cool

Thomas asks…

HELP!!! Really cheap costume ideas for Halloween?

My friend is completely broke and we need some ideas to make/get her a really cheap costume for Halloween. Any ideas we have came up with Jwow from jersey shore cause she has big tatas like a toga kind of Greek thing using white sheet. Any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Bed sheet. Scissors. Enough said.

Daniel asks…

Any ideas for a cheap halloween costume for a 6’5 male?

I am trying to find a ninja halloween costume for a 6’5 male. He weighs about 210 and we need to find something under 40 bucks. If you have any ideas where I can buy one or the best way to make one cheap, please let me know, thanks.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Have you considered making your own costume? Look at these great websites below.


*(Don’t forget to check out ebay for great costume deals and professional quality
homemade costumes)*

If you want to buy a costume, look at these online costume shops below.


Jenny asks…

Cheap Halloween costume ideas under $15?

anyone with cool ideas for a cheap Halloween getup? Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Last year I went as a Drag Queen!
It was actually really easy. I just put on my typical makeup [foundation, concealer, powder] and then put on some really pink blush [and lots of it!]. Then I put on some REALLY bright blue eyeshadow on my eyelids, light blue on my browbone and pink lipstick. I drew on my eyebrows so they were really WHOAH, too!
For my hair I did a quiff. Here’s a photo tutorial:
That’s not an actual quiff. A quiff is just a poofed up bump at the front of your head [in the middle]. That photo tutorial has the same steps taken when creating a quiff.

2 years ago I went as an Emo Kid! I wore black chuck taylors and poofed up my hair. I got clothes from my sisters wardrobe…

This year I think i’ll go as a zombie. The hair and makeup is pretty straight-forward.

I live in Australia and we don’t really celebrate Halloween over here. If it was more popular, i’d spend money on an actual costume. Until then i’ll be sticking to pretty ordinary costumes created at home!

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