Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

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Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Paul asks…

cheap halloween costumes?

what are some good ideas for cheap halloween costumes? my sister and wanna be like little kids again and go trickortreating this year! buuutttt were pretty broke. so does anyone have any good ideas for cheap halloween costumes? any ideas will be much apreciated(: btw nothing slutty please. thanks(:

Halloween costume lion answers:

If you have makeup, try doing a princess,clown, mime, etc. Wear some clothes that will go with the outfit. If you’re a princess (for example) wear some light colours for makeup (light pinks,purples,blues,etc.), A tiara (bought at the dollar store, or homemade :) , a dress, and some heels or flats. Do something simple, yet creative. I think if you have to spend anything on makeup, go to the dollar store and spend no more than $10.00 TOTAL. If you’re pretty broke, because it’s just a one night thing :)

Michael asks…

Halloween costume….(special circumstance) PLEASE HELP!?

At my high school we have trick or treating at our school on halloween so that kids in our town can come with their parents and be in a warm comfortable environment. All the clubs at school have a room and do a different activity.

-outfit must be “appropriate” (since i’m president of the club i have to set a good example)
-i want a cute costume—i will be wearing it all day to school so I want something cute and not lame lol
-something i can probably make at home, or is cheap to buy

Basically i just need good ideas for a 17 year old girl

Halloween costume lion answers:

Almost any costume can be appropriate and modest. It’s all about how you put it together. Finding one that is also cool is going to be the tough part. Some cool costume ideas are:
-An athlete
-A fairy
-Rock star
-A dead person (can be a bride, cheerleader, prom queen, or just a regular person).
-An 80’s pop star
The key is to take one of these ideas or one of your own and make it appropriate for the activity. For the athlete, wear a cute sweatsuit, a friend’s jersey, etc. For an appropriate rock star or fairy, you just have to make sure you don’t show too much skin. A little creativity will go a long way!

Carol asks…

Halloween Costume ?

Ok. So Im 28 & havent dressed up for halloween since I was a kid. But this year my girl wants to go to a halloween party & you HAVE to dress up & she really wants to go. So it looks like Im going to be in a costume. Problem is I have no idea what to go as. I dont want to go all out on this. I just want some ideas for something simple & hopefully cheap. Any ideas? thanks.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here you will get lots of great ideas

NEW Halloween Costumes idea for year 2008

Charles asks…

Quick & easy Halloween costume?

Am taking my kids out trick or treating tonight(in Australia, it’s the 31st today) and have costumes for my oldest two boys, but wasn’t able to find one for my youngest boy who is 3 going on 4.
Does anyone have any quick, easy and cheap ideas for a costume that I can make at home?
Well, I have some old white bed-sheets and am thinking of making him a ghost costume. What would be the best way to do that, especially to stop the bed-sheet slipping off him and any other tips to make it look great?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Get a pillow case make 2 holes for eyes then a hole 4 mouth hes a ghost

Susan asks…

Husband stresses me out when we shop! What can I do?

Ok heres the latest incident. We just went shopping for school uniforms. We went to three places and couldn’t find much and we all went together as a family b/c this is my husband’s day off from work. It was his idea to go shopping but when we go it’s like he can’t handle it. The first store my daughter cried for something and the way I handled it was tell her that thats not what we were here for and dropped it. She cried of course. I ignored it. My husband goes postal and wants to leave and I go along with it. I backed him up when he said no she can’t have what she wanted and thought I did the right thing and then he tells me I was wrong because I didn’t go look at what she wanted? She wanted it to buy it and she wanted me to look at it? after she cried she said she just wanted me to look at it. I was just trying to support my husband by saying no originally. So I walk over there and look at it with her (make-up) and say maybe for Christmas.
So we leave this store and the next store she wasn’t listening so that trip was cut short. We left the store and she cried.
The 3rd store the kids acted a little better. My husband was super stressed out acting and we only found a few things we were looking for. So when we were done clothes shopping I said lets go look at the halloween costumes b/c the kids didn’t have any yet…and it was yet another fight. My husband was complaining how expensive costumes are…even though we have money right now and it is nothing to stress about. He went on and on about it and so I decided to talk my son down to the cheaper costumes. Well the other two kids ended up picking more expensive ones and I felt bad b/c my oldest son had to give his up. It was all to please my husband and get him to shut up about the price. This whole time this was going on I felt like my heart was going to explode from the stress. When I told him it wasn’t fair that my son didn’t get the one he wanted which cost the same as the other two my husband said it was all my fault. WTH? All I do is try to please him and he blames everything on me….?
What can I do just never shop with him again? He does the same thing at the grocery store sometimes we leave with no groceries because of the way he acts like he has no patients.

Halloween costume lion answers:

First of all guys HATE shopping going on an all shopping trip with you is probably like a living hell to him so just dont take him shopping with you find a close friend and go with them

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