Your Questions About Animal Halloween Costumes For Dogs

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Your Questions About Animal Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Sharon asks…

What is your dog going to be for Halloween?

So, I’m usually not the type to dress up any animal, but I came across a few pictures of dogs dressed in Halloween costumes and I think I wanna get him a costume just for Halloween too. Haha.

If you’re planning to get your dog a costume for Halloween, what are your ideas? What do you want? What have you done before? :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

I have massive black great danes.

They’re going to be horses for the halloween festival we’re going to, then an angel and a demon for halloween night.

Carol asks…

for my dorothy halloween costume, do i have to use a dog that looks like toto?

i mean could i use a different stuffed animal dog? like a weiner dog? because that is all i have and halloween is tonight. will it be weird with a dog that doesnt look like toto?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Not really use any dog, I was dorothy last year and used my black cat in a basket it was awesome have fun

Michael asks…

Dog costumes…………..?

Okay, last year my mom, her friend, and I entered my dog and my mom’s friend’s dog in a Halloween costume contest. We lost because we didn’t make our own costumes. lol

Anyway my dog (a mini schnauzer) is going to be a s’more but I don’t know what my mom’s friend’s dog is going to be. I want it to be a couple (maybe a hotdog?) costume that is somewhat easy to make. He (my mom’s friend’s dog) is smaller then a mini schnauzer (idk what he is).

Any suggestions?

NOTE:It will be on for a few seconds just to take a picture and send it in. So do not criticize me fellow animal lovers.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well if your dog is going to be a s’more then make the other dog a glass of milk. Or some other things to do are salt and pepper, plug and cored, or my favorite, hot dog and a hamburger

Ken asks…

Pet Lovers? What do you think these dogs are thinking?

I’m sorry but this is HiLaRiOuS to me!!!!!!!!

10 points for the most creative answer!!! :)

(really short video)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Pretty sure the dogs are thinking “yep I am going to pee in your bed tonight while you are sleeping. I look foolish in this get up”

The other dog is thinking “I better get a darn big treat out of this if I don’t get a treat someone is getting bit.”

George asks…

were can i find animal costumes help?

ok so im 13 a boy 5,7 maybe 5,8 i know i got taller im looking for a full body banana suit, Gorilla suit, turtle suit, cat, dog, and a pig suit were can i find one i told my mom to get me a Gorilla suit as a way Eerly birth day Gift i just want one for halloween to keep it so i can just run around

Halloween costume lion answers:

Http:// They have gorilla suits there.

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