Create Your Own halloween in 5 Easy Steps

June 17, 2012

The Wizard of Oz, Tin Man costume (David)

July 2010. Lifeworks teams and the foster children at China Little Flower put on a production of The Wizard of Oz. Beijing, China.  
June 14, 2012

How The Wizard of Oz Should Have Ended

What if the Wicked Witch of the West had met her demise before Dorothy ever set foot down the Yellow Brick road? Here’s how we think […]
June 14, 2012

Top 10 Lion attacks on human (by odissey505)

SUBSCRIBE TO SEE MORE TOP-10 VIDEOS:D. Lion attacks on people. Lion can kill a human in all situtations nobody gives warranty. lion and tiger are the […]
June 13, 2012

The Lion King – Circle of Life

Circle of Life taken from The Lion King