Your Questions About Lion King

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Your Questions About Lion King

James asks…

Lion King?

Hello my daughter has a play at her school and it is the Lion King. She wants to try out for Nala, the female lioness. I searched online for the parts but had no luck at all. If you have them, could you post them? Great! Bye!

Halloween costume lion answers:

To tell you the truth, i just went to see Lion King on Broadway in NYC and went back stage after the show. I got to meet the director because i had special passes. I asked about the rights to the play and he said they are not out yet and if I knew anyone doing thr play to report them to his office (he gave me his address). Im not going to report you, but i would not be letting this out as people could find out where this is bring held. Just to let you know.

Ken asks…

lion king?

where can i find lion king for free on the internet to watch it?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Try youtube??? Do an extensive search on it

Daniel asks…

Lion king?

Where can i found the picture of lion king movie when the lion is it the tal rock and all the animals bend down,(i think when they show the baby lion)

Halloween costume lion answers:

You mean Rafiki Holding Baby Simba At Pride Rock? I think that’s the video box cover.

Mandy asks…

What are some important Lion King themes, and what are good songs that would go with it for a music video?

I am making a music video of the first Lion King, and want to know of some good themes, scenes, and songs to go with it. I’d prefer the song to not appear originally in the Lion King.

Halloween costume lion answers:

For the “can you feel the love tonight” part, a good song would be “Lucky”, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

For the themes of the movie, Simba goes from earth(pride rock) to hell(elephant graveyard),and to heaven (jungle w/ Timon and Pumbaa)

Hell takes over earth and Simba goes back to save it because he belongs on earth.

Also, the circle of life is a more obvious theme. At the end simba walks up pride rock and the rain washes away the skull of i think an antelope.

Paul asks…

How long does it take for the Lion King on Broadway to finish a circulation?

Like the Lion King is in our state until February, then it’s off across the country and into Canada, how long would it take for it to come back to the same state?

Or does it just vary?

Halloween costume lion answers:

It varies based on ticket sales and the economics involved. If they are still making money, they might take longer. It all depends.

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