Your Questions About Lion Halloween Costume

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March 16, 2012
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March 23, 2012
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Your Questions About Lion Halloween Costume

David asks…

Is this a cute halloween costume?

Ok, im being a lion for halloween my sis is sending me her old one (im having it taken in).
Heres the costume (the lion one)

Is it cute.
Im wearing it with black flip flops though.
And how should i do my hair???
heres me.

Im 14 btw

Halloween costume lion answers:

Don’t realy like it for a 14 year old- kinda a bit on the sluty side IMHO

Richard asks…

What would be a good halloween costume for an eleven year old girl?

She likes tigers and lions , but thinks that would be a babyish costume. Hates princesses.

Halloween costume lion answers:

She could be a zoo keeper or lion tamer! If she doesn’t think it is too babyish she could carry a stuffed animal around with her. If you have a family pet, dress them up as a lion for trick or treating or photo ops at home!

Paul asks…

Cute halloween costume?pic?


i want something that is not too revealing but cute,what do you guys think?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Very cute!!! And I agree that if it’s cold out, or feels to revealing once you wear it, dark brown leggings would be good.

Sandy asks…

Halloween costume opinions?

I’m deciding on what to be for Halloween. I’ve narrowed it down to two (actually three) options:
1. a really generic rockstar, with aviator glasses, spiky hair, etc.
2. an emo rockstar, with black hair that goes over my eyes (my hair is naturally brown) and pink highlights (maybe?), skinny jeans, eyeliner and maybe a microphone.
3. a hiker that got attacked by a mountain lion or something like that, with a ripped up shirt, blood, and bandages.

I’m a 14 year old boy, and I need your opinions. Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

An emo rockstar :)

Sharon asks…

hottish halloween costume…?

i wanna be a lion,or something else kinda sexy. Not something EVERYONE has. halloween is my one excuse to dress like that :P hahaha. im 5’6 and 106 pounds, B bust if it helps. Can you help me find a costume? post links please :]

Halloween costume lion answers:

An indian short dress or whatever you ladies call then that feathers just plain hot. Other en that anything with a sexy hat on hats make chicks look hot. Basic fact . White hat best. Dont take pr sorry my putter is smixing up but that is what i think post soe pics and lets us vote

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