Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas College

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March 17, 2012
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March 24, 2012
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Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas College

John asks…

Cheap Halloween costume for college student?

Looking for a unique costume that will not cost too much and will leave an impression with a laugh. If I can make one that doesn’t look too bad that would work too. So far trying to be different with ideas like Johnny Bravo or doing Double Dare with some buddies. Any other ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

For funny college costumes:

For cheap:

Thomas asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas For College Females (That are cheap!)?

Preferably use items commonly found in a closet! :]

Halloween costume lion answers:

Halloween is one of the best times of the year so try something like this:


Michael asks…

college male, cheap and fast halloween costume idea?!?

i wanna go as something awexsome cuase im going to a college banger party. i dont wanna go buy a legit costume, like id rather make my own or get shit from a thrift store to use.

for instance my buddy is being quail man from doug lol and he just bought the oufit at a thrift store

Halloween costume lion answers:

Blue shirt + cotton balls + tape + water gun = cloudy with a chance of rain

got it from msn, search last minute costumes

or Clark Kent: Get a Superman t-shirt (or just print out the iconic “S” and pin it to a blue shirt), and wear a button down shirt and tie over it. Get prop glasses and put a curl in your hair with mousse.

Jon & Kate: For couples only. The female lead has to fashion her hair with gel and mousse into that famous mullet. Wear nondescript mom clothing. The male lead wears cargo shorts and a ratty t-shirt with a backwards baseball cap. Then round up 8 dolls and fasten them to your clothing.

Betty asks…

Halloween costume ideas?

trying to find a cheap costume for halloween parties at college. any suggestions welcome!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:





Steven asks…

I need REALLY cheap costume ideas, if I just buy paint – what could I paint myself as?

I’m a poor college student, lookiing for a bangin halloween costume.
LOL as a highway! That’s actually pretty freaken funny
Haha actually hulk would work for me – but I don’t want to show up and be “that guy”

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to thrift shops and see what you can scare up, and buy a cheap thing of face paint. The ideas are endless.

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