Your Questions About Womens Halloween Costume Ideas

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September 27, 2011
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Your Questions About Womens Halloween Costume Ideas

Lisa asks…

Halloween Costume Ideas?

Well next month is my Halloween dance! :DD
It would be really awkward to have the same costume with others xD
I brought a Candy Corn Witch costume a year ago(still fits)but i have a feeling someone is gonna wear it,i dont know Lol.I’m planning to wearing it cause its cute? haha
So any ideas?(orange and white socks with yellow ribbon and a witch hat same color as the socks)any home made costumes?
***I want to ADD something to my costume
Looks exactly like this,but I changed it(shoulders)^^ so it wont make me look like a stripper XD.
If you know a cute costume please sent the link^^
Nothing too revealing!
~~thank you!!~~ [:
D: i meant i
want to be a Candy Corn Witch
but i want to like edit,add stuff to it so it would look different.

But thank you for the Idea

Halloween costume lion answers:

I don’t have one you can BUY, but here’s what im going to do (being a clown):
clown costume:
get a bright, cheap tutu froma thrift store, maybe forever 21
get polka dot or stripped tights
colored converse
bright, equally clashing tight shirt
do red lips and colorful eyes and lots of blush
put hair in a bun on the top of my head
i might wear gloves or something too

Susan asks…

i need some ideas for womens halloween costumes?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well if your of age, I would recommend that you don’t get the kiddy costumes. Every girl I have known tends to wear slutty costumes. People say that its the one day where girls can wear revealing clothing without being called a slut.

Betty asks…

Senior Halloween Dance Costume ideas.?

I know it’s early but I want to get some ideas for my halloween costume for my senior year.. And I need time to get enough money in case I get an expensive ones. Let me know which you like best. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them! :) I’ve been a baseball player, a ref, and a saloon girl.
**Check for spaces in the links**











Halloween costume lion answers:

Gypsy costume: In my humble opinion, it’s quite tacky looking (not in a slutty sense but the actual quality and colour of the fabric). Then again, my opinion could differ greatly from yours.

Jonah Hex Lilah costume: pretty cool looking, but I’d imagine a lot of people wouldn’t know what you’re dressed up as.

First SWAT costume: be wary that the costume only includes the hat, dress and belt – the stockings and boots aren’t included. Other than that, I think that if you were to go for that look, it’d probably be very easy to recreate that costume yourself: embroider the word “SWAT” onto a small piece of rectangular black fabric and sew the fabric onto a slutty plain black dress or plain black long T-shirt, embroider “SWAT” onto a plain black hat (embroidering the words on isn’t as difficult as it might sound and after Halloween is over, you can easily remove the stitches), get some fishnet stockings and black heeled boots (you probably own these or can borrow them from a friend) for the “slutty” effect and buy a few accessories (gun etc that you could get from the toys aisle in a shop) to go with it.

Maid costume: Again, be wary that the stockings and shoes are sold separately, if you already own stockings and shoes that would go with the costume that’s not an issue but if you don’t it could be if you’re on a budget. Other than that, it’s an OK costume – I’ve seen better maid costumes myself, but it’s still good. If you’re wearing stockings and not tights with it, I would highly recommend wearing hot pants – small enough that you can’t see them when wearing the dress, but that also prevent accidentally flashing people.

Trophy Rack: I personally ain’t a fan of this one, mainly because in the picture, you can’t actually read the words “Trophy Rack” properly. Also an obvious point to note – you’d probably need a big rack to pull it off. Just sayin’.

Nautical costume: Love it. Again, you might need hot pants for modesty, and the stockings and shoes aren’t included, other than that it’s perfect.

Firefighter costume: Like the first SWAT costume, this is quite plain and relatively easy to make yourself with a few pieces of fabric, a black belt and a hat (which you could buy off the site separately or in the toy aisle in a shop).

Second SWAT costume: I think this one is better than the first SWAT costume. It wouldn’t be as easy to recreate by yourself but it looks good, maybe get a toy gun to go with it?

Officer costume: Basically everything in this costume fits into two categories: 1. You either own it or can borrow it (i.e. The clothes), 2. You can buy it in a toy aisle (the accessories). I’d see it as a waste of money to buy this outfit, since you could probably make a better DIY version.

Pow-Wow costume: The fabric looks very tacky to me, I wouldn’t go for it.

My favourite costuime here would have to be the nautical costume for sure. Other costume ideas that would be easy enough to DIY:

Cowgirl: flannel shirt – very tight fitting with either a deep V neck or the first few buttons undone for a slutty look, with a cowboy hat, jeans, brown belt, brown cowboy boots, maybe even a piece of rope tied into a lasso

Nerd: checkered shirt (again, if you want to go for a slutty nerd wear a tightly fitted one with a deep V or a few buttons undone), plain jumper over your shirt (optional), 3D glasses (the big black-framed ones) with the lenses taken out, hair in high pigtails, plain hairband, calculator, inhaler…you get the idea.

Good luck, and hope you have a great Halloween! :)

Sandy asks…

Won a bet and my friend now has to cross dress for Halloween, costume ideas?

I won a bet against a friend and now to pay up he has to cross dress for Halloween. I have narrowed my options down to 3 costumes. He is about 5’9″ and kind of skinny so I don’t think that he is going to have a problem finding a costume in his size. I have Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, and Little Miss Muffett.


Which one should I pick for him?
I don’t want to dress him up as a french maid because one of my female friends is already doing that and I don’t want them to have the same costume.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Several of my guy friends did that one year. OMG it was great!!!You will get a kick out of it, let me tell ya!
My one friend, instead of getting an actual costume, he just dressed up in a purple sparkely pants, a rainbow unicorn tank top, a pair of pumps, and a blonde wig….i laughed the whole night!!! Some one answered the door and didn’t even notice that he was a guy!! Man, it was great! (this was when he was in 7th grade!)

I would pick the Alice in Wonderland one.

Way to go winning that bet!!!! That’s a great Idea!

Laura asks…

I need to find a CHEAP halloween costume any ideas? I want it to be sexy but not slutty?

womens costumes will do fine also thanks :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to wal-mart and see what they have.

Sharon asks…

Halloween costume confusion!?

what are some cool ideas for womens halloween costumes that i could make or buy parts too not one of those pre packaged costumes i wanna be creative

Halloween costume lion answers:

You can get really good ideas just by looking in Halloween stores, or looking at on line halo-ween STORES :)

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