Your Questions About Women Halloween Costume Ideas

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October 28, 2011
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November 2, 2011
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Your Questions About Women Halloween Costume Ideas

Ken asks…

Sexy women halloween costumes ideas?

I want something different rather then a devil or a witch and something i can make sexy , ideas plz?

Halloween costume lion answers:

David asks…

I need a best Halloween costume idea to attract women?

I’m going to this college house Halloween party next Friday and I wanna get girls and I need a good Halloween costume to get girls, if no good Halloween costume to get girls I want atleast a good idea if a Halloween costume. Anyone help me

Halloween costume lion answers:

Toga,Toga,Toga,, with no underpants!

Carol asks…

halloween costume ideas?

I am trying to prepare a little early this year so…
I am sick of finding that all women‘s halloween costumes are sexy this, and sexy that. What happened to originality? Anyone have a cool idea? I am 35 so I don’t want to look like a teenager, but don’t need to look like a nun either.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I completely agree. Why be a hooker, when you can be queen. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Here are some great costumes that will not make you look like a teenager or a nun.

George asks…

Halloween costume, dead woman, chelsea smiles, any ideas?

For halloween i want to go as a horror dead woman, i want a chelsea smile, and i want lots of blood, i want to look very dead.
any pictures of some thing i could base my costume on?
any ideas on what i could go as other wise?
i’m 14 btw :) x
or maybe the girl from the grudge?

Halloween costume lion answers:

The girl from the grudge would look great.
With heaps of pale white foundation and powder
i reccomend it.
Buy those blood tube things, that can be bought
at costume shops or specialty stores and when
you bite into it, red stuff trickles out that looks realisticly
like blood and it runs from the corner of your lips.
You’ll look great

Charles asks…

Halloween costume ideas with red boots!?

I have a pair of red high heeled boots and i want to be able to use them again so i’m looking for a halloween costume idea! preferably not wonder woman.

Halloween costume lion answers:

How about a biker chick. You can wear leather pants a tank top and leather jacket with aviators. Also get the biker gloves and wear your hair down and pin straight.

Lizzie asks…

Halloween Costume Idea..woman?

I am going out on Halloween and usually I don’t dress up – but it just happens to be on a Saturday and I will be out at the bars…My birthday is on Sunday…so I’m celebrating that too. I was just thinking of dressing up as “the birthday girl” would that be a not so good idea, or what?? Any ideas what I can wear?? I’m going to be 32 and I’m conservative in the way I dress, so nothing I was thinking a birthday hat and a birthday sash..?? Any suggestions?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Where something sexy as most people do or if you dont wanna do that just be anything that was your favorite thing you like to do

be creative and happy birthday :)

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