Your Questions About Women Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

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December 30, 2011
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January 10, 2012
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Your Questions About Women Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Lizzie asks…

My team at work has to dress up for halloween. Its 4 women and 2 men. Any Ideas?

Every Halloween we have an office wide competition.Best Team and best indvidual costume wins great prizes. Last year we were a pack of skittles and the year before that we did the Wizard of Oz. Please help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go as a six pack

Sharon asks…

Halloween scientist costume for women?

It seems like all the scientist costumes are mad scientist costumes for men
except this one:

Can anyone give me ideas of how to create a costume like this, but not quite so risque? I’m a real scientist and have access to a lab coat…but what do I wear under it (besides lingerie…)?

Links to props/clothing/photos are helpful. Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I’m a real scientist too. I’d suggest getting vinyl gloves for sure. They’re always good for a few laughs/comments. You don’t have to wear them, just put em in your lab coat pockets. You could wear shorts or a short skirt, so it looks like there’s nothing under your lab coat, along with some knee high boots or spikey heals. You could get a cheap pair of thin reading glasses (at a drug store <$5) and just keep them down on the end of your nose. Put your hair up in a bun, but stick a yellow pencil through it to complete the look. Get some other props if you can, not sure of what kind of science you do, but props can be fun/cheap. Whatever you do, be PROUD to be a Science Babe. Brains and beauty are an unbeatable combo.

Susan asks…

Do U think a Geisha Girl is a good Halloween Costume? Or How about the Half Man Half Woman Villian that is?

on the Soap called Passions? I know it’s early to think of Halloween but I bet most stores are doing just that! In order to get stock in time for Halloween! I do have a website and that’s a reason for thinking of halloween! I got most of the stuff for me to dress up as a Geisha Girl but I don’t have the wig yet! Well Halloween is a fun time isn’t it? Life is about having fun without hurting anyone! Right? Maybe U got some better Halloween costume ideas? Any good ideas are welcomed! this is early but have a booo-tiful Halloween! U might want to visit my website! See my blog on 360 page for website details!
Once I dressed up as my sister and people said: ” Mrs Doubtfire!” and that I didn’t even think of.. better than what I was thinking.. probably will be the Geisha girl I just need the wig for that. Got the other stuff!

Halloween costume lion answers:

I disagree with Ched. I would go with the Geisha. It is something unusual.

Ken asks…

halloween Costume Help! How Do i turn my skin brown lol?

My husband is a black man, and he is out of town, so I decided I want to be him for Halloween lol. Ive got the outfit, ive got the goatie and wig, now all i need is the skin tone! im a white women. I have called around to the major costume shops and nowhere has brown skin paint!! Any ideas, tips, anything on how to go about pulling a reverse Micheal jackson for the night???

Thanks a bunch guys :)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Just use dark foundation and powder, they have darker colors for African-American women at any drug store.

Sandra asks…

can you give me some ideas for Halloween costumes?

I need suggestions for man, woman and 9 year old child. Not too complicated or requiring a lot of $$. Happy Halloween!

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could dress up as Where’s waldo characters. Boy could be Wizard, Man could be Waldo, and woman could be Wendy. Everybody would notice you

Nancy asks…

What should I wear for a halloween costume for work?

In the store where I work they want all the staff to wear costumes on halloween weekend. Most of the workers are women, there are only 3 men, and somebody suggested that for one of the days the men should all be dressed up in drag. What would be the best thing to wear for that, I was thinking I could either just borrow a female work uniform, wear a female halloween costume or dress up as a glamorous woman in a party dress or something? It sounds a bit crazy but I am up for a laugh and I’ll wear anything that will make the costume good! Any ideas or links to something I can wear would be helpful!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Heh, actually, when I read the title, the first thing that came to mind was a stereotypical green-faced witch with long thin black socks and the pointy hat thing.

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