Your Questions About Women Halloween Costume Ideas Easy

Your Questions About Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples
February 15, 2012
Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes For Women
February 23, 2012
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Your Questions About Women Halloween Costume Ideas Easy

Susan asks…

Halloween Costume for a 36 week old pregnant woman?

Does anyone have any ideas for me?
What should I be for halloween. I am 36 weeks pregnant…I was thinking of a pumpkin….times flying whats an simple and easy costume to make…I might be alittle old well I am 18…but I really wanna go….what should I be

Halloween costume lion answers:

This idea can be adjusted to fit as the ties are the drawstrings and you can alter it as needed….
Last year I saw on the Martha Stewart show how they made a witches costume from black garbage bags and duct tape.
You need the drawstring bags. One they cut a slit in the area under the drawstrings so it was a bit longer and they cut ,in a zig zag, the bottom part of the bag off, that part is used for another part of the costume.
This one is for the top half of the costume. It is put on like a tube top with the drawstrings as the shoulder straps. Pull and tie to fit.
Don’t worry about the strings coz they get covered later.
Then another bag is cut to be the skirt, zig zag like the first and that is tied around the waist. Duct tape as much as needed to keep the top and bottom together.

They also cut a third bag in half to be the sleeves…they used duct tape to hold things in place. Just tape the sleves to the top.
The cut off parts are used to make the cape and they pulled on the zig zag points to stretch them.(also did on skirt)
It was pretty cool and waterproof but you may need scissors to cut the costume off when done.
I hope I explained enough for you to figure out how to do it.
A half dozen bags and tape are cheap especially if you already have them around

where you cut the zig zag depends on your size.
The sleeves bag is cut down the sides so one half the drawstring can be each sleve gather at the neck…
Cut and fit the dress to size.
Just add a hat and your good to go.

John asks…

How did black women wear their make up in the 70s?

I’m dressing up in a 70s costume this year for halloween, and I need make up ideas to complete the look. I don’t normally wear make up, so it has to be something that can be applied easy. In those days, did black women wear bright and bold make up? shimmery? plain? pastels? tons of eye shadow or no eye shadow? eyeliner and mascara? did their eyeshadow color match their outfit? help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here is a tutorial :)

Ruth asks…

How to make a Lady Gaga costume?

I’m 11 (turning 12 in November) and I really REALLY wanna be Lady Gaga for Halloween. So obviously I can’t really BUY a Halloween costume since they only have women‘s Lady Gaga costumes and I’m sorta small so I won’t fit in them. I do know that I need a wig, makeup, and I want to use that mask she uses in poker face. I already know where I can get it. So since I can’t buy a costume I have to make one. I think something easy would be the outfit she wore for MTV awards…the red one…I have a red leotard and I can easily cut off a red hood off of a hoodie I have. But I want more ideas so pleaseeeeeee help! Don’t just think “Oh this is a little girl I don’t need to help her she can do it on her own” or “Why should she be Lady Gaga? She’s a freak!” Just help me, okay??? And mabey I’ll help you in return…….
This is the one that I want:

But I think I got it all figured out….

Halloween costume lion answers:

You should check out this YouTube video. It’s really informative. It teaches you how to make the costume, the red one at the MTV awards.


Donald asks…

Costume Ideas? (20 characters)?

So at my barn we have his halloween play day thing. basically there is a costume class and and other fun games. So the question is: What could I do for a costume? I don’t mean like buy a costume made for a pony, though like what could we use to make a superwoman costume? I have a pretty basic idea, We want to be super woman, but I need ideas of what to do for the actual costume. links would be great, to ideas, products, pictures. I just want like ideas for what to use, what to use it for, and I want ideas to everything, like hoof polish. but please be reasonable, like nothing toooo scary, she is an easy going pony, but does spook sometimes. anything that comes to mind. but if you have another costume ideas, please include in your answer.

things about Jasmine (my pony) for like things….i guess
1. 14 hands
2. black
3. four white socks
4. white hooves obviously ^^
5. white blaze again, obviously^^
6. QH pony
also, I ride english, and I don’t want to spend too much, cause I have to buy all of it, so not like buy a blue saddle or a red bridle, or like purple pony

uhh yup
P.S. sorry if anything is spelled wrong, i can’t spell and am
and she is a mare
LQ: tell me all about your horses! like breed, colour, disipline, horses name, show name, and best trick (if they have one)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Do the Cow Jumping Over the Moon, since your pony’s black and white..dress her up more cowish haha then you can do a moon costume for yourself .. Idk i thought it was cute :) good luck!

Joseph asks…

Reuniting with some high school friends at Halloween Party. Invited wife who gets jealous easy.?

I have been invited to a Halloween Party with old high school friends I haven’t seen in years. I invited my wife and now, I’m wondering if it’s a bad idea. My wife tends to get jealous easy. Positive, wife knows one of the guest, the negative my wife had a run in with one of the guest that hugged me in sheer happiness almost 10 years ago, and she was heavily offended. None of the women I’ve had any intimacy with other than dated a few but given the fact it’s 10+ years later should I back out and make up an excuse and take her out else where? She’s looking forward to showing off her costume….

Halloween costume lion answers:

No, I think your wife has past too same way you have, you are making her history by being part of your life and thats who your taking with. Jealously can be hard but she needs to except it was along time ago, and its a bit of fun catching up with old mates and seeing how it turns and if shes excited about it dont fret she might be okay…….. So go and have fun and since you not have any skeletons in the cupboard theres nothing to worry about good luck.

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