Your Questions About Lion King Las Vegas

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September 25, 2012
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Your Questions About Lion King Las Vegas

George asks…

How much are tickets to the Lion King in Las Vegas?

How much in general are the tickets for the Lion King in Las Vegas. (Not the extremely expensive, front row tickets, just in general)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Tickets for the Lion King range from $66 to $126. You might get some discounts or free upgrades if you buy your ticket online. It’s a great show for the money.

William asks…

is the seating for the lion king in las vegas comfortable?

For larger people. My husband is 6 foot 4 inches.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Yeah, they’re fine… Cushioned, fold-down seats… Just like the theatre.

Have a great time… Best show I’ve seen in Vegas :)

David asks…

discount lion king ticket las vegas?

where can I find discount lion king tickets for the las vegas show?

Halloween costume lion answers:

If your a current college student take you ID on the day of the show and do a walk-in I hear that you can get tickets under $40 on the day of the show. The other way is to search discount tickets on Google for promotion codes for We got two tickets on the third row right side for under $150. It was one of the best production I have been to. The little Simba is an amazing actor and Rafiki was the best actor in the production.

Ruth asks…

What is Rafiki saying at the beginning of the Lion King play in Las Vegas?

I’ve seen the play twice and have never been able to figure out what Rafiki (the monkey) is saying when she’s clicking and shouting and chanting in a different language before the opening song. Or is she just talking jibberish you think? After whatever she says she goes “Understand?” and the audience laughs but I would really like to know what she’s saying!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Most likely she is speaking Zulu, Sesotho, or Xhosa. It’s definitely a real language.

There are more South African actors in the Las Vegas production than in any other and Buyi Zama who plays Rafiki is from Durban, South Africa.

Carol asks…

Lion King in Las Vegas?

I plan on going to see the Lion King at Mandalay Bay and wanted to know how the seating is. Also are there any sites that offer discounts? I plan on going during the week which I figure would probably be less crowded. Would they offer me more of a discount if I bought the tickets on the day of the show at the box office? Any suggestion would be helpful.

Halloween costume lion answers:

The Mandalay Bay theater is designed in a way that most seat are good seats. However the best seats in the house can be found in Section A, B, C. Section E, F, G are also good seats.

As far as discount tickets are concerned, your best bet is to check for tickets at the Mandalay Bay Box office. They usually offer discount tickets with the hotel accomodation. I know they are currently offering a room + show package for $276

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