Your Questions About Lion King Costumes

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December 22, 2012
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December 25, 2012
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Your Questions About Lion King Costumes

Mandy asks…

What kind of movie is this?

its a movie that the group of guys want to find a movie called ghost busters and the 2 video shop owners make a fake movie that are based on the real movies (like the lion king, where the 2 video shop owners makes and wears the lion costume and they make up the setting and record it something like that..) and they sell it to people.. I dont really remember the movie, but i believe its a comedy

Halloween costume lion answers:

Be kind Rewind.

Richard asks…

What is the name of this show?

There was a childrens show where all the actors dressed up as animals, very similar to todays costumes for The Lion King, and lived in some kinda of fantasy world. I believe the theme song started out with “Zippity do da, Zippity a, my oh my what a wonderful day……”

Halloween costume lion answers:

Check out and see if what you are thinking of is Zoobilee Zoo. It doesn’t start out with “Zippity….” but it has the same theme as that song.

Susan asks…

What material for a textiles costume?

Our project is the lion king, and we have to make a costume for it, :)
i think i am making a bird, but there is a question and it says “what materials are you going to use for your garment and why?” i know i want stretchy and bright, but i don’t really know what type, like cotton or whatever, i want something cheap, easy to move in, and easy to use, BUT I DONT KNOW,
please help, in for tomorow, :)


thanks a bunch

Halloween costume lion answers:

Probably a cotton spandex blend would be best for costume material, then you can drape it with a chiffon or net type fabric. These fabrics should come in loads of different colors and styles.

Donald asks…

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!! my gate at the airport today was C15. Is that a sign I’ll marry my beloved Tim Tebow?

We all know it is. And it was to Florida, his home state.

“Look, Simba. Everything the light touches and doesn’t is a sign that Princess will marry Tim Tebow. A Princess’ unrequited love rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on the heartache over her unrequited love, and will rise with Tim as her new prince.” -Mufasa.

Get yo’lion and lioness costumes ready ’cause there’s going to be a Lion King-themed wedding.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Cool, good for you dear!!

Can I be Lion-O?

Ne’s not really a lion, but Thundercats would be cool at your wedding, don’tcha think?

John asks…

Music – Elton John’s 60th Birthday at Madison Square?

I watched Elton John at Madison Square Garden. It was his 60th birthday celebration with 20,000 seats sold out (as usual). I am biased in that he is a legend to me, but would like to hear from others regarding why you think he is or is not an icon in the music industry. With 80 singles and countless Grammy awards wins and the Oscar for the the Lion King sound track. It is nearly impossible for a musician to win an Oscar.

His first hit in the US was, “Your Song” in 1972 and the rest is history. This 60 year old genius continues to produce top hits and is openly gay and also a knight by the Queen. Is there anyone else that has such energy or talent? His earlier outrageous costume days are apparently over, but his talent continues after over 40 years of entertainment. Could anyone say that at least one of his songs didn’t hit home? Who else would you say has accomplished such as he has, given his age?

Does his being gay make a difference to you and if so why? Happy birthday Sir Elton.
Peanut, Elton has never written lyrics. He admits that he cannot write “song poems”. Bernie Taupin has written most of the lyrics that Elton puts to music. That is his talent. To put words to music, play the piano, sing and make the two come together is what he has always done.

An incredible artist says the least. Bernie Taupin has been his stronghold, although he has put to music other authors of song poems.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I totally agree – he is a living legend. There is no question that he is a musical genius, and the fact that he is gay makes no difference to me. We are all born the way we are, and we have to play the cards we are dealt. I not only admire him for his amazing talent, but for the way he has turned his personal life around. He pulled himself out of drug and alcohol addictions, and became a great humanitarian – he is well known for his wonderful charity work. Through all this, he shows no signs of slowing down! Way to go, Sir Elton! EJ still rocks!

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