Your Questions About Lion King 3

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March 15, 2013
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March 20, 2013
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Your Questions About Lion King 3

David asks…

Is disney making a lion king 3?

on the app bumperstickers on myspace there has been a lot of them with a new cover and it says lion king 3. not lion king 1 1/2. it looks real. is it true??? pllllllz help me.

Halloween costume lion answers:

No, but they are making a Toy Story 3.

Mandy asks…

Are they ever going to make a Lion King 3?

I’ve seen them all, Lion King, Lion King 2, and Lion King 1/2…….i want a third<3 I loveeeee em!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Hope so they are good movies,would have enjoyed seeing the broad way show as well.

Daniel asks…

Is there a lion king 3?

So i was recently told there was a lion king 3. and i thought they ment lion king 1 1/2.. but they said 3.. i looked it up in images and there was a pic of kovu and his new cub koda.. and im just wondering if theres a lion 3??

Halloween costume lion answers:

Nope.not at all your question does not belong in this section

Sandy asks…

Anyone know where I can buy LION KING 3 in the us? Any websites or ANYTHING?

I cant find it anywhere online or on ebay where it comes from inside the U.S.A. Also anywhere I found it, it was real expensive. I dont wanna pay like $30 or $40 for it. Anyone got any VALID info. Please not just ideas, but only only stuff known for fact where I can find it. My kid really wants this movie for xmas. THANKS.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I didn’t even know there was a Lion King 3, lol I’m a bit behind!!

Thomas asks…

If you could make a Lion King 3, what would it be about?

If there ever was a Lion King 3, what would YOU make it about. I would probably make it bout Kovu and Kiaras cub and Kopa returns and he wasnt dead. (kind of like Simbas story) Zira would tell Kopa to run away and tell her son (the oldest) to kill him but he didnt. Kopa comes back grown up and lookin kind of like Simba. Yeah…. idk. What would you make it about?
nooooooooooooooo im not talking about The lion king 1 1/2
im talking a bout The lion king 3.

Halloween costume lion answers:

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