Your Questions About Lion Dress

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February 4, 2012
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February 10, 2012
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Your Questions About Lion Dress

Lizzie asks…

Why did the Penn State Nitany Lion Fans dress allin Wite for the Notre Dame game?

Nice win Boys! Great to see the F-ing Irish start their season with two losses! Hey! What about the all-in-white Penn State fan base? Was this plannes or just a big coincedence?

Halloween costume lion answers:

No it is planned, we call it a white out. And it is not just for the first home game of the season they usually do it when they play big home games that are usually on National T.V. E.g. Ohio State, Michigan etc…

John asks…

what was that one lion movie where a female lion was wearing a blue dress?

i need a little help here, i remember i used to rent this one movie all the time when i was really, really little. on the case there was at least three lions, a king and a princess lion, and the princess was wearing a blue dress. and i just can’t name that movie to save the life of me!! help please??

Halloween costume lion answers:

I THINK its Bednobs and Broomsticks

but not sure.

I think it was the scene where they visit the island rulled by animals and play soccer with them

Paul asks…

How to Dress Like A Lion?

I want to be a lion (or lioness since I’m a girl) for halloween. And I wanted to know some tips to add detail to my nude colored leotard to pull of the look. I was going to do some cool makeup, but additional tips would help.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here are 3 different looks for you:

Once it is clear what kind of image you are aiming for, your choice in materials and how to use them will become clearer.

If you are aiming for something like the first one (musical cats), I know that generally the costume department get a leotard and paint patterns on top. They then get a long wig and usually a wig designer (or someone with a lot of patience) to mold and construct a head piece using strong product. Then it’s a matter of stage make up, for further advice look up tutorials on youtube.

All the best :)

Mark asks…

Is an ivory pleated dress with black lace appropriate to see the Lion King (evening show) in Miami?

I do not want to be overdressed.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well, if it is the production and not the motion picture which I am assuming, I think think the answer below mine is too under dresesd. Sorry if I confused you more, but the answer below mine seems a little under dressed for the production.

Steven asks…

I want to be a lion for halloween but I don’t know where i can find a dress in the right color?

I want to make my own costume but I don’t know where to find a dress in the right color. Please help, thanks:)

Halloween costume lion answers:

Any dresses that are creamy brown, tan, or camel :)



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