Your Questions About Lion Dress Up

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December 22, 2011
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December 26, 2011
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Your Questions About Lion Dress Up

Michael asks…

how can you dress up as a lion?

im going to a fancy dress party, and want to dress up as a lion!
i have like, the ears, and facial make-up
but, was wondering, if anyone had any ideas about like, what i could wear-clothing wise
to make me look like a lion!
and where i could get it-would be a GREAT help
cause i have like 2 weeks to get EVERYTHING!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well i sugest getting a tail and if its like a dres up party where yu dont want to get a full on lion suit then maybe get some yellow skinnys or skirt and top. Lmao noreally sure.. Ive never dressed up as a lion

Thomas asks…

What’s up with the lion in the movie, The Shining?

I recently watched “The Shining,” and when Wendy is running through the Overlook Hotel while Jack is chasing Danny in the maze, Wendy looks into one of the hotel rooms and sees a man with what appears to be a man dressed up as a lion. Whats up with that?

Halloween costume lion answers:

They didn’t address it too well in the movie, but in the book the man was one of many people at a costume party when the hotel was in its hey day. Even then the hotel was influencing people and the party quickly turned into an orgy where the sex became more a form of punishment than enjoyment. Jack gets somewhat involved in the party since the past and present was somewhat overlapping.

Nancy asks…

What if me and my pal want to dress up as lions and go near REAL lions?

Me and Clem want to learn about lions up close, what if we dress up in realistic lion outfits and pretend to be lions. I’ll be in disguised of a male lion, and Clem will be in disguised of a female lion…like….posing as mates to get close to the real lions. lol Pretty cool, huh?

(I’m not taking baout lions in zoos, I meanl ions in other countries like africa)
We wouldn’t “walk” or “stand up” while in costumes. We will crawl and lay on the ground like real lions to make us more convincing.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Please don’t do this, i know you know better, and are just trying to see what kind of responses you would get.. And even if you could fool them “which you cant” they would hurt you if not kill you… They are very selective in who and what they allow in their pride ether way its not a good idea, not even a funny one.

Ruth asks…

Face Paint for dressing up like Lion King?

ive been trying to find some African face paint/markings that are inspired by the lion king movie, cause yo guys help?
i just need some ideas on how to dress up so it looks lion king/tribal/wild :]

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go to youtube: lion king make up tips

Steven asks…

How To Dress As a Lion?

Me and my friends are dressing up as the main characters from The Wizard Of Oz. Im the lion, how can I dress up as one?
Im going to dress in all brown and paint my face with whiskers and stuff but how do I make it obvious im a lion.. like.. how do I do the mane?
Ty xx

Halloween costume lion answers:

How about wool? If you cut lots of pieces the same size, then attach them to a piece of material, say a ribbon, you could clip one end into your hair or attach it to a hairband, and have the rest hanging down your back?

Sandra asks…

What should I dress up as for my school dance?

So the theme for my school dance is to dress up as something that begins with the letters L, H, or C. The thing is that I have no idea what to dress up as. I don’t to dress up as anything stupid like a helicopter or a lion so no silly answers please. I hate the theme but I really want to go to this dance because I didn’t go last year.


Halloween costume lion answers:


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