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April 1, 2012
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April 3, 2012
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Your Questions About Lion Dress Up Game

Robert asks…

would you rather see a Bucs-Lions game or go to a JayZ-P.Diddy concert.?

where they dress up with full make up n wig as Robert Smith and cover The Cure for 2 hours.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Football over hip-hop any day.

Steven asks…

Are these Animal jokes ok? Or not!! There not dirty jokes!!?

#1: A kangaroo kept getting out of his enclosure at the zoo. Knowing that he could hop high, the zoo officials put up a ten-foot fence. He was out the next morning, just roaming around the zoo. A twenty-foot fence was put up. Again he go out. When the fence was forty feet high, a camel in the next enclosure asked the kangaroo, “How high do you think they’ll go?”
The kangaroo said, “About a thousand feet, unless somebody locks the gate at night!”

#2: An unemployed guy got a new job at the zoo. They offered him to dress up in a gorilla’s skin and pretend to be a gorilla so people will keep coming to the zoo.
On his first day on the job, the guy puts on the skin and goes into the cage. The people all cheer to see him. He starts really putting on a show, jumping around, beating his chest and roaring.
During one acrobatic attempt, though, he loses his balance and crashes through some safety netting, landing square in the middle of the lion cage! As he lies there stunned, the lion roars. He’s terrified and starts screaming, “Help, Help!”
The lion races over to him, places his paws on his chest and hisses, “Shut up or we’ll both lose our jobs!”

#3: Two seniors are standing in front of the Hotel Duluth when they see a penguin walking by. Pat grabs it and asks Mike, “what should I do with him?”
Mike says, “Why don’t you take him out to the zoo?”
The next day in front of the Hotel, Mike sees Pat walking with the penguin on a leash. “I thought I told you to take him to the zoo,” says Mike.
“I did,” says Pat, “and we had such a good time that tonight I think I’ll take him to the hockey game!”

Halloween costume lion answers:

Jokes that make me laugh deserve a star.

Lizzie asks…

Can you interpret this dream?

(names have been changed)

I dreamt me and 2 friends entered a crowded diner. It’s day time, and its gray and gloomy. On our way in, I saw a girl with black hair in a black dress sitting at an elevated table (most of the tables are above the walkway).. I was lookin’ hopin’ I could get a peek X) 1 friend, a Mexican female named tracy, looked at her and was talkin sht like “why don’t you cover up?!”.. I was thinkin’ “I’ma avoid this conflict..” and started walking off with my other friend (a male). Tracy stayed behind. Toward the end I see a table and a friend is sitting there watching the basketball game on the big LCD TV at the end! I’m like “wtf?! what are you doin’ here??” As I talk to him, I see other friends from different groups of friends. I didn’t know they knew each other, but apparantly they’re all together watching sports! So then I think, “Damn, I can’t get no invite?? :(” (but I’m not into sports, so I understand).

Anyway, me and my friend leave and pass the area of the conflict. I tell my friend “I hope Tracy wised up and avoided the fight thinkin’ to herself ‘fck it, my friends ain’t around, no need to act cool'”, then I hear the girl she talked sht to laughing. I thought to myself, “Alright, :) that attractive girl thinks I’m funny!”

Then I see blood on the ground.. “Oh great…” We follow the blood to my Egyptian cousin Danny’s house.

My male friend turned into my cousin Danny, and Tracy turned into my cousin Mary. By this time, it’s night time. The blood lead to the bathtub near Danny’s room, but Mary wasn’t there?? It was dark, my cousin fell asleep. I wanted to leave, but I was scared and couldn’t turn on the light (shoulda been my first hint I was dreaming, since we can’t control our lighting). Luckily my Aunt and Uncle arrived home, and I took that opportunity to walk through the dark scary house out to the exit!

I ended up with my younger brother Jack and our dog, who is big but was a small terrier type dog in my dream.. Jack was holding our dog, but he was nervous, making the dog nervous. So I took him and said “Give me him! Dogs can sense their master’s emotions and your making him nervous!” I wanted to let him go, so I started running with him low to the ground, then I let him go so he could take off. We were trying to keep up with him when in our path a line of lions blocked our way.

We stopped and went the other way; they gave chase. We split up.. One female lion almost got me, but I jumped above it and evaded it over a wall. When I got to safety, I tried calling my bro, but my phone died! I saw my black friend Alex and asked if I could use his phone. For some reason or another, I couldn’t but luckily, he had a white van (that he doesn’t own in real life). I used the car lighter to turn my phone on and call my bro. He never picked up.

I kept telling myself, “He’s way better than me at adapting to situations and surviving, so if I’m safe, I know for sure he is too”. So I ended up with my cousin Mark, and we go to a club to look for my brother. Why a club? I have no idea. All this happened during the night. Outside the club is an indoor restaraunt and several other enterences to clubs and voodoo/mardi gras type shops. On our way to one club, we stop by and ask people if they seen him, but no one has.

On our way out of the restaraunt, I see my brother with a group of black people!!! I’m like, “WTF?!!! Have you been here the whole time?? Why haven’t you picked up my phone calls you jerk?!!!” He replies with “I dunno”.. Argh!!! I’m so fckin’ frustrated with him right now!!! So I get low to the back of the seat facing him (I can’t see him), and start punching it! Then I leave the restaraunt and slam the door. It’s now daylight (gray). Outside the restaurant is a female in black laying stomach down on a couch, head away from the restaraunt door. There is a podium to my right, where the greeter leads people into the resaruant. Just around the corner to the left is a lobby. To the right is the exit outside.

I exit, still mad, I slam the door. My cousin Mark ain’t with me anymore (I just realized this now, not in my dream). I head downstairs. On my way down, I notice a SWAT crew entering just about EVERY building on the other side of the crowded, eventful street (no cars, just a crowd of people and tents and stuff). I’m watching in amazement, then I think, “Hey! I bet that girl would wanna see this! And maybe I can spark some conversation ;)” So I go in to let her know, but she ain’t there.

Inside, I peek out the window through the door’s curtains… keepin’ an eye on the situation. Eventually, they come into the building I’m at. I don’t know what they want, but they ask me a question I can’t remember. I reply and tell them with a baffled expression, “I dunno, this is my first time in this place!”. So he moves into the restaurant.

Now outside, through a big uncurtained window, I see 3 black people shuffle dancing in the street. The weather is gray yet bright,
Now outside, through a big uncurtained window, I see 3 black people shuffle dancing in the street. The weather is gray yet bright, and the ground is wet, as if it just rained. They start slow, but gradually get into some kerazy moves! Then, as a dance move, they turn into cars! They still look like people, but they look like cars too.. One (blue and green) takes off to my right and goes up this water slide/fall thing… The other (red and orange) just misses the slide to his left.

At that point the females of the group my brother was with exit the restaraunt and see me in the lobby. They sit on the couch that other chick was laying down at and start talking to me about work. I correct them about the details of my work as I think to myself, “Aw, how nice, he was talking about me!! :)” Then I felt bad for being so pissed off at him.
At this point, that girl enters from the outside, and I’m like “huh?? How’d you get outside and me not notice?? Anyway, did you see that crazy sht out there??”

And then I woke up

Halloween costume lion answers:

To dream about friends suggests certain parts of your character that you have set aside and are now ready and willing to bring them back into your persona. How you interact with people around you can be critical in understanding yourself.

To see blood in your dream is a symbol of energy, excitement and frustration. If you see the word “blood” written in your dream, it may be a reflection of some issue regarding stubbornness or rigidity.

To dream about a dog suggests that you have a talent or ability that you’ve neglected and should rediscover it. Dogs can represent loyalty, security, and faithfulness. Your core principles allow you to press forth and find success. If the dog is growling or angry, then you may be dealing with some internal strife. This could involve a sense of being taken advantage of.
If the dog is dead or dying, it could suggest the loss of a dear acquaintance. It can also represent the breakdown of your instincts.

To see the color of black in your dream represents disapproval in a person or situation. It also stands darkness, isolation, and, unimportance. Black can also symbolize concealment, dishonesty, or the end of life.

Your current emotional state is often represented in dreams by weather. For example, if your waking life is filled with aggression, you may dream of storms. If you dream of rainbows, your waking life will soon see a fortuitous event. Reading the weather is an indication that a move is coming. Be ready to pack up your belongings and move into your new home!

Donald asks…

How does a Carnival/Circus Themed or a Princess Themed brithday party sound?

Lion Pull Apart Cup Cake Cake.
Blue yellow and red balloons.

Bean Bag toss
face painting
cookie jar drawing( every kid submits a ticket with there name on it and drawing will take place.)
Knock em down ( cook cans spray painted know down with bean bags)
Colouring books with note on bottom saying thanks for coming to my second B-day party – Kalina

hot dogs
carmel apples
juice boxes
punch/ lemonade


Simple girl party but on the invite it will tell the parents to have the kids come dressed up as princesses and princes… with pizza cake and ice cream

Halloween costume lion answers:

The carnival one sounds like a lot of fun but the princess one does too and it seems like it would be a lot easier. If you have the time I would go for the carnival

Nancy asks…

10 points to anyone who will alphabetize this list of movies?

Yeah it is insanely long, but you will seriously save my life. Even just part of it would be great.:)
Accepted.    Avatar.     The prince and me.    Ten things I hate about you.     Australia.      How to lose A guy in ten days.     Pearl harbor.   Get smart.   Pirates of the carribean all.   Up.   Aladdin.  The lion king.    Cinderella.     Princess diaries all.   Akeelah and the bee.   The matrix.  School of rock.  Good boy.  Firehouse dog.  Yours mine and ours.    Top gun.  Armageddon.  Angels in the outfield.  The lakehouse.  Dodgeball.  Rebound.  Siserhood of the traveling pants all.  The ten commandments.   Raise your voice.  Forrest gump.    Wild hogs.  Day after tomorrow.   Cheaper by the dozen all.  Fantastic four all.   Kicking and screaming.  Elf.   Pocahontas.  The jungle book.   Sleeping beauty.   Hitch.   Pursuit of happyness.   You me and dupree.  Fame.  Mamma Mia. Seventeen again. Did you hear about the morgans.   Bruce almighty. Evan almighty. The proposal. Fools rush in.    Night at the museum all. Push. High schoo musical all. Twilight. New moon. Bandslam.   Knowing.  Mall cop.  Bridewars. X games 3d.  Eagle eye. Titanic.  Journey to the center of the earth. Chronicles of narnia all. The blindside. Sherlock holmes. Invictus.  Leap year.  ultimate gift.  When in Rome. Valentines day. The dark knight.  Lord of the rings one.  Seven pounds. Indiana jones crystal skull.  Radio.  Saving private ryan. Amadeus.  Save the last dance.
 The rookie. Glory road.  Moulin rouge.  Gran torino.  Rent. Phantom of the opera.  Blues brothers all.  Oh brother where art thou.  Batman begins. Superman all.  Bourne identity.  Dances with wolves.  Finding nemo.  Cars.  All about Steve.  Groundhog day. Ratatouille.   Unaccompanied minors.  No reservations.  The game plan.  Signs.  The incredibles.  Good will hunting.  Ace Ventura.   Zathura. Food Inc.  Supersize me.   Sicko.  Rocky. Terminator 2.   Planes trains and automobiles.  Ghostbusters. Tommy boy. Black sheep. Vacation. Christmas vacation. Caddyshack.  Footloose.  hairspray.  Grease.  Cool running.  Curious case of Benjamin button. Pink panther 1,2,and old.  Pride and prejudice.  The bachelor.             
Monsters Inc.  Monsters vs aliens.  Hercules. Ferris buellers day off. Around the world in 80 days.   Drillbit Taylor.  Rudy. Remember the titans. Facing the giants.  Fireproof.  Sixteen Candles. Confessions of a shopaholic.  Ella enchanted.   Enchanted.  Sound of music.  My big fat Greek wedding.  Passion of the Christ. Stomp the yard. First sunday. Sleepless in seattle.  Walk to remember. Larger than life.  Romeo and Juliet. Step up all. Stick it. August rush. Another Cinderella story.  Doogal. John Tucker must die.  I am legend. Hancock.  Last Harry potter. My sisters keeper.  White chicks.  Free willy all. New tmnt.  She’s the man. What a girl wants.   Thirteen going on thirty.  Freaky Friday.  Miss congeniality.  Deck the halls.  Napoleon dynamite.  27 dresses.  Madagascar. Hoot.  National treasure all.  College road trip. Aquamarine.  Shrek all. Express. Because of winn Dixie.  Shark tale.  HomewArd bound all.  Slappy and the stinkers.  Fat Albert.  Mrs doubtfire.  Rv.  Daylight.  Spy kids all.   Legend of bagger Vance.  Greatest game ever played.  Disturbia. Holes.  master of disguise.  Fantasia.   Win a date with tad Hamilton. Front of the class.  Chitty chittybsng bang.   Mary poppins.  Made of honor.   The Italian job.  Invincible.  The replacements.  Weatside story.  Mr and mrs smith. The outsiders. The break up. Honeymoon in Vegas. Marley and me                                                                          

Halloween costume lion answers:

13 going on 30
27 dresses

ace ventura
akeelah and the bee
all about steve
angels in the outfield
another cinderella story
around the world in 80 days
august rush

The bachelor
Batman begins
Because of winn Dixie
Black sheep
The blindside
Blues brothers all
Bourne Identity
The break up
Bride wars
Bruce almighty

Cheaper by the dozen all
Chitty chitty bang bang
Christmas vacation
Chronicles of narnia all
College road trip
Confessions of a shopaholic
Cool runnings
Curious case of Benjamin button

Dances with wolves
The Dark knight
Day after tomorrow
Deck the halls
Did you hear about the morgans
Drillbit Taylor

Eagle eye
Ella enchanted
Evan almighty

Facing the giants
Fantastic four all
Fat Albert
Ferris buellers day off
Finding nemo
Firehouse dog
First sunday
Food Inc
Fools rush in
Forrest gump
Freaky Friday
Free willy all
Front of the class

The game plan
Get smart
Glory road
Good boy
Gran torino
Greatest game ever played
Groundhog day

Last Harry potter
High school musical all
Homeward bound all
Honeymoon in Vegas
How to lose a guy in ten days

I am legend
The incredibles
Indiana jones crystal skull
The Italian job

John Tucker must die
Journey to the center of the earth
The jungle book

Kicking and screaming

The lakehouse
Larger than life
Leap year
Legend of bagger Vance
The lion king
Lord of the rings one

Made of honor
Mall cop
Mamma Mia
Marley and me
Mary poppins
Master of disguise
The matrix
Miss congeniality
Monsters Inc
Monsters vs aliens
Moulin rouge
Mr and mrs smith
Mrs doubtfire
My big fat Greek wedding
My sisters keeper

Napoleon dynamite
National treasure all
New moon
Night at the museum all
No reservations

Oh brother where art thou
The outsiders

Passion of the Christ
Pearl harbor
Phantom of the opera
Pink panther 1,2,and old
Pirates of the carribean all
Planes trains and automobiles
Pride and prejudice
The prince and me
Princess diaries all
The proposal
Pursuit of happyness

Raise your voice
Remember the titans
The replacements
Romeo and Juliet
The rookie

Save the last dance
Saving private ryan
School of rock
Seven pounds
Seventeen again
Shark tale
Sherlock holmes
She’s the man
Shrek all
Sisterhood of the traveling pants all
Sixteen Candles
Slappy and the stinkers
Sleeping beauty
Sleepless in seattle
Sound of music
Spy kids all
Step up all
Stick it
Stomp the yard
Superman all
Supersize me

The ten commandments
Ten things I hate about you
Terminator 2
New tmnt
Tommy boy
Top gun

ultimate gift
Unaccompanied minors

Valentines day

Walk to remember
Westside story
What a girl wants
When in Rome
White chicks
Wild hogs
Win a date with Tad Hamilton

X games 3d

You me and dupree
Yours mine and ours


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