Your Questions About Lion Costumes

Your Questions About Lion Costume
October 1, 2011
Your Questions About Costume Lion King
October 3, 2011
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Your Questions About Lion Costumes

Paul asks…

How can I make halloween costumes in-expensively?

I am making a lion costume, a tin man a scarecrow and glenda the good witch, all from wizard of oz. The costumes cost a ton of money and was trying to come up with ways to make them on a budget, I’M STUMPED, help me come up with some stuff, please.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Go buy foil for the tinman
get hay for the scarcrow (and find some old clothes…charity shop?)
find an old dress maybe one of ur mums or grandma or aunt or something for the good witch??

The lion um…i duno lol

Mary asks…

how do i make a lion costumes?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Making a lion costume would be tricky. If your going to go to a fabric store to pick up the material and a pattern, I would suggest going with pattersn from “Simplicity”.
Or you could always pick up a orangish outfit from a thrift store then use a teddy bears fur as the main.
It’ll be a alot less stressful to buy a costume at a local party store though.
Good luck! :)

Sandra asks…

lion in the streets costumes?

I’m playing Rhonda in a drama presentation of ‘lion in the streets’ by judith thompsen, and i was wondering what sort of outfit you would put her in ?

Halloween costume lion answers:


John asks…

Where can I find Babystyle halloween costumes ?

Im looking for the lion babystyle halloween costume can anyone tell me where I can find one online or in store. Thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

If you’re looking for specifically the babystyle brand one your best bet is craigslist or ebay. Babystyle the company is no longer in business so no longer producing the costumes so a used one is pretty much your only option.

You might consider another brand (the Tom Arma one is super cute). But, Tom Arma ones are also a bit more spendy, and again, not as easy to find. We are trying to find the skunk tom arma for Maverick to be this year..

Lisa asks…

What are some cheap ways to make beaver and witches army costumes?

My school is doing narnia play lion witch and the wardrobe and I’m in charge of the mr. and mrs. beaver and witches army costumes. I was going to go to walmart and get some cheap things. I think for the beaver im going to use ties as tails, and face paint. i dont know anything else.

what are some cheap ways to make these costumes?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Does your school have a costume shop? I would try to pull from the costumes of the school first before you go out and spend your own money.

I suggest that you go to an appliance store and ask for refrigerator boxes. Those will be donated for free. You can use these to make the beaver tails and armor for the witches army costume.

In order to make the beavers…have them dress in brown sweatsuits. Make a template for the tail and cut it out of the cardboard. Put slits in the side at the top of the tail to fit a belt through. You can either hot glue fabric onto the cardboard or you could paint it. I suggest using spray paint, if you use water based acrylic and there is too much water it could warp the cardboard. Use fake buck teeth, stage make up for the nose.

You can use the cardboard to make the armor. Same thing as the tail. Make templates cut it out and paint it or use fabric and trim to decorate it.

If done right people won’t even know it is cardboard.

Michael asks…

Do you think these costumes are too young for a 15 year old girl?

Which do you like best and where would be the best place to get it? And do you have any similar ideas?
cowardly lion or scarecrow from wizard of oz
peter pan or tinkerbell
robin hood
bunny rabbit, mouse etc..
Please post websites, what you think of all of them and other ideas for Best Answer.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Nothing is too young for anyone. It depends on how you make the costume.

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