Your Questions About Lion Costumes For Kids

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September 26, 2011
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Your Questions About Lion Costumes For Kids

Daniel asks…

How to make costumes for 100 kids?

I’m class president and I’m in charge of coming up with costume ideas for the Homecoming parade. Our theme is The Lion King. So What kind of costumes should I tell them to wear?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Animals. Lions (of course) giraffes, monkeys, hyena, etc.

Sandy asks…

What should i leave as a comment on this photo?

Its on facebook and the girl i have a crush on is dressed up in a lion costume for halloween. whats a funny and cute comment to leave her. nothing stupid or sexual please….its basically a kids costume lol

Halloween costume lion answers:


Robert asks…

do YOU dress up for halloween?

and if you do what are you gonna be this year? would you line up your costume with your kids?

my kids are both going to be wild animals (a lion with a monkey backpack harness and a penguin ) and we’re going to the zoo… im seriously considering going as a zoo keeper.

I’ve always loved going as a vampire because my pale complexion just makes it so easy! lol
no! i haven’t had my baby yet :( my preeclampsia is getting worse and i’ve been waiting a week to be induced but apprently winter was VERY cold this year and a ton of other girls are in line to be induced and others are popping so my induction keeps getting pushed back.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Since I will be pregnant for halloween this year, (34 weeks at that time) I was thinking of being a nun. Lol my boyfriend thinks it will be funny to see me dressed up as a pregnant nun. I was also thinking about dressing up as other things but i’m still not sure. I know when my baby is born it will be hard to decide on what he/she should be. There are so many cute little baby costumes and it will be hard to pick.

By the way, did you have your baby yet?

John asks…

Halloween costume ideas for 4?

My kids have historically dressed with a common theme in years past. We’ve had Cinderella and the 2 mice, Dorothy, Scarecrow and Lion, and even Princess Peach with Mario & Luigi. Another child in now in the mix and I’m stumped. Does anyone have any ideas for 2 boys and 2 girls to dress for Halloween w/ costumes that go together?

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could do disney, like Mickey and Minney and Donald Duck with Daisy haha.

Chris asks…

Do you ever notice the brilliance of Disney movies?

I’m watching Aladdin right now, and I’m picking up on so much stuff I didn’t catch when I was a kid- and it makes me laugh out loud! Like when Aladdin asks the genie if he can make him a prince, and Genie pulls out a book and goes, “Alaskan King Crab?” and the Sebastian from the Little Mermaid jumps out, singing “Under the Sea”. Then the Genie says, “Caesar salad?” and an arm with a sword reaches out of the book, which Genie hastily pushes back in, saying, “Et tu, Brute?” How brilliant is that?

Or in Hercules, when Hercules is posing for an artist- he’s wearing a Lion King costume!

And Disney is basically the only person who could make a cartoon out of a fairytale (Cinderella) and an ancient Greek myth (Hercules) and an American history lesson (Pocahontas) and a classic French novel (Hunchback of Notre Dame)- and somehow make the kids love it!!! The music is great, the characters are hilarious (nothing better than when Megara says, “You know how men are. They think “No” means “Yes” and “Get lost” means “Take me, I’m yours”.”)

Isn’t it awesome? And isn’t it sad that lots of kids aren’t watching the classic Disney movies anymore? (I consider the last “true” Disney movie to be Tarzan, with the exception of the original movies’ sequels).
:P Cars, How to Train Your Dragon, and Up are all screwy. Totally not Disney.

And Finding Nemo was great- one of my favorites- but it’s made by Pixar, not Disney.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Yeah, I miss my Aladdin and Lion King era..

At least there are still some Disney movies on ice every now and then, so they can watch the plays if nothing else. At least Aladdin, the Lion king and Cinderella on ice were coming around my area a couple years ago. I don’t know about what is happening now though, but a couple of years isn’t that long ago at least; so I say they are probably still showing up periodically.

Maria asks…

Any ideas for this theme?

For orchestra, we are doing a halloween show for little kids and our theme is broadway, so we have to dress in costumes accordingly. The songs we are playing are lion king, beauty and the beast, grease, and new york new york. the costume needs to have something to do with broadway or any of these songs.

Halloween costume lion answers:

OMG for :
*Grease- have the girls wear the pink ladies costume
*lion king- wear lion costumes
*beauty nd the beast- have belle wear a yellow dress and beast be a beast
*new york- have the guys be gangsters abd the girls too

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