Your Questions About Lion Costumes For Dogs

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September 28, 2011
Your Questions About Lion Costume For Babies
September 30, 2011
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Your Questions About Lion Costumes For Dogs

Charles asks…

lion costume for our dog, where to find? pictures inside…?

ok, we have a 18 months old, male American Pitbull Terrier whose name is Leo:

he is registered to an ADBA APBT club and this month there is going to be a Spookotober Fun Show in which the dogs will be able to compete in their regular conformation classes, fun events and added they are also going to have a costume party and competetion

we want to dress our dog up as a lion =D the name will match too! but we can’t find the costume anywhere =/

we saw this:

and would would to be able to find that costume or something similar to it, has anyone seen or know where we can find it?

if not, do you have ideas on how we can make one for him?

thanks so much in advance!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Honestly it looks like someone got creative with a yard or so of fake fur and made that themselves.

You’d probably have to measure around your dog’s head, and measure around his chest maybe.. Draw out a pattern yourself on some newspaper.

Daniel asks…

Could this costume/dog combination be a winner?

My dog is entered in a Halloween contest (its for a good cause).

I was first thinking of making her Izzy from Grey’s anatomy. Mainly because my dog has a blonde/yellow coat and is always happy and friendly.

BUT finding a surgeons outfit is a lot harder than we thought.

So we are going down to petsmart in a bit to look at costumes (also party city and petco,and another pet supply shop we have here)

First of all here is a picture of my dog:

Last time I was in Petsmart I saw this Lion Costume and I thought maybe Simba.

Would that be a winning combination with my dog?

Or there is always a princess or snow white

I want something unique that not everyone is doing.
Suggestions are welcome
ADD: Its to raise money for homeless dogs, so again its a very good cause

Halloween costume lion answers:

The lion one would probably work best out of those 3 for your dog, because of the color matching, and i don’t think ive seen many dress their dogs as a type of cat. Lol, but that’s MY personal opinion

Donald asks…

Good costumes for a brunette girl to coordinate with a dog?

I’m on candy duty this year so I am already planning ahead so I can have my costume ready to go. I’m blonde, but will be brunette by the time halloween comes around so I would like a costume or character that brown hair would fit with. I also have a Sheltie that will be with me while I hand out the candy and I usually put her in a costume too, but this year I want to coordinate them somehow.

I already thought of Cruella and a Dalmation, but I could not find a dalmation costume for dogs..I guess that would be kind of silly.

Looking for any suggestions – examples include me as Dorothy and her as scarecrow/tinman/lion/etc (I’ve already been Dorothy one year and I like to change it up, so something different please)
And sorry I should have said, I am in my mid 20’s so no “teen” costumes
Also to add – the dog is a girl and while I don’t mind making her a “boy” character, no tuxes or bow ties :) Thanks for all the answers so far! Love (most of) them!

Halloween costume lion answers:

-minnie mouse and your doggie as pluto

-velma or daphne (wig)and scooby doo

Robert asks…

Please Help…Dog Army costumes….?

I am wanting to buy Class A or ACU outfits for my dog. I am going to enter him into some contests for the Lions club and wanted him to wear these b/c my man is in the army. I thought it would be really cute to get a dog costume of my mans Class A’s and then have him buy some of his awards so I could actually put them on the dog costume but I can’t find any. Even online. Does anyone know of a website or anythign I could buy them? Thank you so much!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

You would probly have to make the outfits out of bdu’s.
They sell patterns on ebay.
Try an army surplus store too. For the fabric and medals.

Joseph asks…

How to make my pets the wizard of oz cast for halloween?

I am gonna go halloween this year and be the modern wicked witch of the west, you know like more up to date looking. So i was afraid people might not get it but i do have the sparkle red shoes and stripped socks. So to help add to it i hav three dogs to dress up. One is a yorkie which will toto..The other is a brittany spainel ..he has the perfect coloring to be the lion and the other is a jackrussel/austrailan shepherd mix and i figured teh only thing lft is the scarecrow or tinman but im gonna go witht he tinman. But i hav like no extra money to spend on expensive dog costumes unless you kno of a cheap place. But i need to be able to do it with things i have at home…help?
just so all you people kno im not gonna anything to my dogs that makes them look ridiculous or uncomfrtable so dont leave me comments….o and by the way i do walk my dogs evry day and they go jogging and i love them to death…i have my own pet sitting bussines too so i kno all about teh comfort of animals….im jsut a teen….so chill
just so all you people kno im not gonna anything to my dogs that makes them look ridiculous or uncomfrtable so dont leave me comments….o and by the way i do walk my dogs evry day and they go jogging and i love them to death…i have my own pet sitting bussines too so i kno all about teh comfort of animals….

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well here is a scarecrow costume they are only $9.99!
They had the Dorthy Costume but as you will see on their site they are sold out of Dorthy! But this is a great site! :)

Here is a Lion costume::::

Here is Dorthy on another site:::::

Here is the Tin Can Man::::::::

Here is a Witch a Petsmart::::::

Or you can do a simple witch hat and hair:::::

You can also go to walmart and they have Halloween Dog Costume patterns you can make your self. It is at the sowing section. :)

Good Luck and i Hope this helps!! :)

Mark asks…

Matching costumes ideas…Monkey and…?

I just bought my baby a monkey costume for Halloween, and I want to dress up to match…I thought about dressing my 2 wiener dogs as bananas, then i thought maybe me and my husband could be bananas, or he could be the man with the yellow hat…I don’t know…any suggestions? My friend’s dressing her baby as a lion and she’s going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! I wish i had thought of that! I want something like that where our costumes are related…ANY IDEAS?
LOL I actually thought about that but my hubby WONT go shirtless! let alone wearing a “skirt/dress” LMAO!!!!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

This is a hard one. A banana is the obvious answer, but to get more creative, you might have to tweak your baby’s costume a little. The first thought that popped into my head, was to attach little wings to his monkey costume and then you could dress up as the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz, with her cute little flying monkey baby.
That might even be a cute idea if you’re going with your friend. It could be a group costume! Your husband could be the scarecrow, tinman, or wizard. If you decide to go with this idea, you may want to ask your friend what she thinks about it first.

You could also be an organ grinder with your monkey. Or you could both be pirates with a pet monkey, like Geena Davis in the movie Cutthroat Island.

Hope I helped a little…I’m sure it will be adorable whatever you do. Have fun! :)

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