Your Questions About Lion Costume Ideas

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October 11, 2011
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Your Questions About Lion Costume Ideas

Chris asks…

What are some good halloween costume ideas for 4 people?

We’re a group of 4, including 2 girls and 2 guys. We want our costumes to correlate with each other. We already were Dorothy, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Lion, and The Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz already so that’s not an option. Please help!

Halloween costume lion answers:

If you’re up to the makeup job… The band KISS would be funny. Gilligan’s Island characters are good for two girls and two guys, you can be sexy and comfortable as Ginger and Maryanne, the guys could be Gilligan, the Professor or the Skipper. Maybe you’ve ever seen the movie Clockwork Orange? The costumes they bad guys wear are easy, cheap and cool. Google Image “Clockwork Orange”, and you’ll see what they wear: white pants, long sleve white jersey shirts, suspenders, black boots, bowler hats and funky makeup on one eye. I also like the Four Seasons mentioned in an prior answer.

Paul asks…

Need Haloween Costume ideas for me, my husband and my son?

I really need some ideas for costumes for me, my husband and my 2 year old son. I would like us to have related theme. The only idea I have gotten so far is Dorothy from the wizard of oz and my son could be toto and my husband the lion.

I really could use some other ideas. Thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could dress as the mom, the dad, and the baby from the Incredibles- i’ve seen the costumes for that in the shops.

Or, you couldbe Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear from the Three Bears. That would be sort of cute.

Or Barney and Betty Rubble and their son Bam-Bam.

Sandra asks…

Any costume ideas!!!!!?

the theme is indian interpreted in any way.
my friends are wearing a red indian costume
Jasmine from aladin
some are just wearing a sari

any ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Check out this site:


or google “Bollywood Costumes”

William asks…

Any ideas for a horse costume for a fair?

Hi, ok I want to enter in our local fairs costume class, I need some good ideas, my horse is a 15hand sorrel. I want something thats really unique, i’ve seen ones for native americans and dorothy and the lion do u have any others

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here are some ideas for costume ideas, some aren’t very unique, but still good…

Bride and Groom
Safari (your horse could be something like a zebra and you could wear an explorer costume)
Cruella De Vill and dalmation
Mermaid and merhorse lol
War horse
Artist (like paint your horse, and dress up like an artist)

This is also kewl! I’m not sure how to explain it so I’m just gunna send you a link; (maybe you could pain the horse like that, and you could dress up like a skeleton or something lol)

~Hope I helped, good luck~

Donna asks…

Help over Halloween costume related ideas for hair dying?

I have decided that for Halloween, I want to dye my light blonde hair into a color that resembles the color of a mountain lion‘s fur coat. Which is a light brownish/red color by the way. I do not care if the hair dye is permanent or not.

What hair dye would be the best one to use for this idea of mine?

Halloween costume lion answers:

I can’t tell you any specific brands. But personally, I use the Clairol products. Just go to and select any one of the products from the menu on the bar in the upper right corner. All of them have shade charts, so you can find what color you want. Also, when you go to the store to buy the dye, check the backs or sides of the boxes for a shade chart. That’ll tell you what the color will come out close to one a few shades of hair (usually blonde, light brown, and dark brown), so you’ll have a fairly accurate guess at what color you’ll end up with.
You may want to talk to one of the people working at your local Cost Cutters (or whatever) and ask them for advice. You might want to go for a light brown color with slightly red highlights and they can help you with that. Usually one or more of the women working there color their own hair and can give you some helpful tips.

Sandy asks…

Any ideas how to make a costume for Wizard Of Oz?

well im going to be dorthy, and i was thinking if i can just get 3 of my other friends to be the tin man, scarecrow, and lion.
so i asked my friend if she can be the lion(she has dirty blonde hair)

so can you give me ideas/ pictures to make her a costume?

oh and give the stores i can go to :D

Halloween costume lion answers:

Tin man…

Funnel and spray silver or paint.

For body, boxes and spray silver or paint

Lion – get a brown feather boa for the main…
Get a jumpsuit or those all in one pjs like giant babygros in brown and add a tail on end.

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