Your Questions About Lion Costume For Babies

Your Questions About Lion Costumes For Dogs
September 29, 2011
Your Questions About Lion Costume
October 1, 2011
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Your Questions About Lion Costume For Babies

Helen asks…

What would go good for a family costume idea?

My 7 month old will be a lion what should me and my husband be? I dont want wizard of oz and I already was thinking me and him can be cave women and hubby cave man and us carry around our lil lion baby but do you have any other good ideas?? I had it all planned for wizard of oz but dorothy costumes are too expensive so im switching it up thanks oh and we already bought the baby lion costume so I cant return it and I want us to go as a theme thanks

Halloween costume lion answers:

Zoo keepers.

We went as the Wizard of oz last year and made our costumes, they ended up being 12 bucks each in the end. My sons we bought for 17 in a store. He was a lion.

Lisa asks…

Halloween costume ideas for mom, dad and baby boy?

I love planning halloween early! My son will 10 months old and we are trying to figure out some cute ideas for themed costumes. Some of my idea so far are
Popeye, Olive Oyl and sweet pea
Dorothy (mom), tin man or scarecrow (dad) and lion (baby)
Miss Chiquita banana (mom), banana (dad), monkey (baby)
Rubber ducky (baby) loofah (mom) bar of soap (dad)

Halloween costume lion answers:

I am planning on doing alice in wonderland this yr. I am going to be the queen, my husband is going to be a card, our son wants to be the cheshire cat and my daughter will be alice.

Mary asks…

good halloween costume ideas for family- mom, dad, and baby boy?

flinstones w betty, barney, and bambam, dorothy, scarecrow and lion, etc…

Halloween costume lion answers:

Me and my b/f r going as pirates and dressing up our daughter as a parrot :D

ps. Oh yea, and from Jo Ann’s Fabric we got this sticker for her costume that says “Arrggg, wipe me booty!” lol

Joseph asks…

My baby’s 1st halloween costume?

We are thinking of making Ava a lion for halloween. Do you think that is too boyish? She is 8 months old so it seemed practical as it won’t interfere with her crawling and such.
I was just curious about other’s thoughts. BTW, not everyone is obsessed w/points.

Halloween costume lion answers:

I think she will be a perfect lion. They have to have girl lions out there too so we can have other baby lions. Just kidding. If you think she needs something girly, put a pink bow in her hair or in the mane of the lion. Too cute.

BTW, my son is 19-months old and wants to be a lion. I am looking for a costume. I seen some at Walmart yesterday but didn’t pick it up. Going back today to get it.

Nancy asks…

which costume is cuter for my baby boy?

the teddy bear one:

the lion one:

Halloween costume lion answers:

The teddy bear one is soooo cute!!!

The lion costume’s head looks like it would be a total pain to the baby’s head lol

Get the teddy bear!!! <3

Robert asks…

what costume is prettier for my baby boy???please answer!!?

the teddy bear one:

the lion one:
the teddy bear one:

the lion one:

Halloween costume lion answers:

Lion is my favorite!

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