Your Questions About Large Group Dress Up Ideas

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Your Questions About Large Group Dress Up Ideas

George asks…

does anyone have any funny costume ideas on what a large group of grade nines can dress up as?

Im in grade twelve at my school and we do this thing called orientation for the grade nines and the grade twelves get a classroom of grade nines and make them dressup funny and compete in various messy games and activities.

me and my friends need and idea of what to make our group of grade nines dress up like…and a team name to go with it

previous teams have used: tight and bright, smurfs, poop face (guess what they dressed up like), weenies (dressed up like hotdogs)…umm commando squad (army people), …cant think of much else but hopefully oyu get the point…


Halloween costume lion answers:

I think zombies is a great group idea and super easy to do.

Richard asks…

Fancy dress ideas for a family or group.?

Trying to come up with an idea for new years eve. Either need a group of three (me, hubby and 11 year old daughter) or an idea for a larger group as some friends are coming out with us. Quite creative but don’t want to spend a fortune. We all went as gangsters last year. Only thing I can think of is a magician and a rabbit coming out of a hat but I need another idea on that theme. Can’t be a magicians assistant as will be too cold! What other trick could we dress as?
All ideas on any theme welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Fancy dress party ideas:

1920s party click for 1920s fancy dress ideas (flapper style, boas etc.)
1930s party click for 1930s fancy dress ideas (lame, suits etc.)
1940s party click for 1934s fancy dress ideas (turbans, Charlie Chaplin, etc)
1950s party click for 1950s fancy dress ideas (Audrey Hepburn etc)
1960s party (hippies, long hair, flowers, peace signs, geometric prints, short skirts, big sun glasses, bell bottoms)
1970s party (corderuoy, afros, stripes, tight pants, skinny ties, gawdy prints, boots, jumpsuits, crochet, overalls, blue eyeshadow, track suits)
1980s party click for 1980s fancy dress ideas

Action heroes party (Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash Gordon etc)
Action Man vs Barbie party
Adjective party (happy, sad, angry, sleepy, skinny, red, cute etc.)
African party
Alice in Wonderland fancy dress party
Ancient Egypt party
Angels Fancy Dress party
Animal party (guests have to dress up as an animal)
Animal print
Arabian nights party
Armed forces

Back to school party/ Skool Days party (school uniforms, teachers, professors etc)
Bollywood party (sari costumes, jewellery accessories, party ideas – click on the link!)
Bright and tight party
Bubble wrap party – guests have to turn up in costumes made up of bubble wrap..

Cartoon character party (spiderman, scooby-doo, mickey mouse, powder puff girl, Simpson etc)
Celtic fancy dress party
Children’s TV characters
Christmas fancy dress p
Circus party (dress up as a ringmaster, lion tamer, acrobats, burlesque women, knife throwers, clowns, magicians, human cannonballs etc).
Cops and robbers party

Disco party / Disco Dags and Divas Party
Disney party
Dr Who party

Famous people party click for famous people fancy dress ideas
Famous couples party click for famous couples fancy dress ideas
Fairytales and legends party (Snow White, Prince Charming, Cinderella, King Arthur, Robin Hood etc)
Film and TV character
Gods and goddesses party
Gold and silver party
Goodies and baddies party
Grease party (the film)
Heroes and Villains party click for heroes and villains (goodies and baddies) fancy dress ideas
High School Musical party
Historical fancy dress (let your guests choose which era they want to come as)
Hollywood legends party

James Bond fancy dress
Jungle fever /Safari party

Kings, Queens, Leaders party
Kung fu party

Labcoats and Geeks party
Latin party
Leaders party (world leaders, local political leaders, dead or alive leaders, kings or queens, fictional or non-fictional)
Lord of the Rings party
Madonna party (replicate all the looks from Madonna’s career)
Make believe party
Masquerade fancy dress party
Medieval fancy dress party
Medical emergency party / Medical 911 party (doctors, nurses, surgeons, injured patients, ambulance officers etc)
Mexican party
Military party
Moulin Rouge party
Mr Men and Little Miss party (dress up as your favourite Mr Men/Little Miss character)
Mum and Dad party (dress up as your mum or dad)

Nerds fancy dress party
Nintendo characters fancy dress party
Nordic/Viking fancy dress party
Pirates fancy dress party
Posh people party
Poultry and Fowl fancy dress party (everyone dresses in feathers, and chicken, duck, turkey, goose, quail, pigeon, pheasant etc. Is on the menu)
Prehistoric party (cavemen and women, dinosaurs, the Flintstones, Adam and Eve, Barbarella)
Pyjama party (lacey nighties, nightgowns, camisoles, traditional shirt and pants, baggy tshirts)

Rock and pop party
Rubik’s Cube party – everyone wears the 4 different colours of the Rubik’s Cube. Eg. Red pants, blue tshirt, yellow shoes, green gloves. By the end of the night everyone has to swap clothes so that they are all dressed in one colour only eg. All red.

Sci-fi party
Sex in the City Party (dress like a chic New Yorker)
Shakespeare party (for all you literary types)
Sing star party (your own version of American Idol/ Pop Idol/ Australian idol etc.)
Soul party
Spice girls party
Spring racing carnival party (wonderful hats, grey suits, feathers, fascinators, pinstripes)
St Trinians Party
Star Trek party
Star Wars party
Superheroes party
Swedish party (ABBA, blonde hair, white clothes, IKEA)
The Simpsons party (dress as a Simpsons character)
Toga party
Tokyo / Japanese party
Totally tasteless party
Traffic light party (Red= I’m taken (in a relationship/not interested), Green = I’m available, Amber = Undecided)
Tropical/Hawaiian party (hula skirts, coconuts, leis (flower wreaths), loud Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, sunglasses, pineapples, bikinis, surf boards)

Under-the-sea party (eg. Fish, mermaids, octopus, sharks, coral)

Viking and Barbarians fancy dress party
Village People party
Vive la France party (stripey tops, berets, baguettes, moustaches, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy)

Lisa asks…

Costume ideas for a large group of 17 year old girls?

At my high school there is a day where all the seniors dress up and win prizes for most creative costumes, and a lot of things have been done already. What are some ideas?
There are ten or eleven of us

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could all be different disney princesses or you could be superheroes,s or if you wanna get really inventive, go as different types of food but make the costumes really good.

John asks…

Spirit Week dress-up ideas please!?

So my high school has this tradition called Spirit Week when there are themed days to dress up. Each grade earns points for ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY of their costumes. So the focus is the most out of the box, clever costume!
The first themed day is “Roll out of bed day”- People usually just wear PJ’s.. I need something REALLY super creative for an individual costume!!
The second day is Disney Day- This is a group costume day- anyone have any great ideas for anything Disney for a large group?
The next day is Group Day where our entire grade dresses up in the same theme- it can be anything! There are 52 people in my class! (we did deck of cards last year, btw so thats out)
The last day and most important day is Color day when we dress up in our class color..GREEN. We also have to decorate our side of the gymnasium. Anyone have any cool ideas for decoration or costumes?
the last day is Color Day

Halloween costume lion answers:

These are links to cool homemade costume ideas:

Carol asks…

Biblical themed dressing up day ideas please!?

OK so a large group of us are dressing up as people from the bible. Any people will do but I got stumped after Noah, Moses and Jesus….

I need any stories, any names, any events you can think off!
They dont have to be specific named people but aslong as they ave a distinguishable role in the bible….
eg. The romans at cruxification or the 3 wise men

Halloween costume lion answers:

How about Nativity costumes? Website below.

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