Your Questions About How To Make A Female Pirate Costume

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May 2, 2012
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Your Questions About How To Make A Female Pirate Costume

Jenny asks…

How to make Female Pirate Costume?

hi there,

I am going to a Pirate Theme Party in 2 weeks, I want to make my own costume. Any good ideas and tips to make Female Pirate Costume? A little sexy will nice. I don’t want to spend a lot of money.



Halloween costume lion answers:

Hi Lily,

It is very easy to make your own Female Pirate Costume, I made my own pirate costume last year for Halloween.

There are several female pirate costume sewing patterns you can buy at JoAnn. If you are not a sewer, you can wear own clothes, just need to be creative. By chance I’ve stumbled upon

This website has great ideas how to use your own clothes and change into pirate costume.

Hope it helps.


Maria asks…

How can I make my female pirate costume look more authentic?

I don’t want to buy a costume because they always look cheap and tacky.

Halloween costume lion answers:

There were actually more women pirates than is usually thought (anne bonney, mary reid, the list goes on and on). I am also going as a pirate (for the second time) and this is my costume: red bandana around my head, khol around eyes (reflects the sun like sunglasses), a black lace up vest i made (i also made a blue one with buttons), jean shorts, a red sash, a thin white blouse (get it dirty and ripped a bit, but not too much or it will look deliberate), a sword (mine is real–not sharpened though–but PLEASE don’t think you have to go and by a real one! Mine is going to stay in it’s scabbard, and if it doesn’t, i at least know how to handle a sword safely), a fake pirate gun from disney world (a cool 1 they don’t sell anymore though), my horseriding boots, many rings and jewlry, etc. Once i have the basics, i add whatever nicknacks i can find (jewrey, bits of lace, anything really to tie onto my costume). It make you look a bit more authentic. Don’t go for eyepatches and hook hands, they look super tacky. While pirates did sometimes wear them when necessary, the ones from stores are super cheesy.
An awesome store for halloween stuff (though not particularly pirate stuff) is the spirit of halloween! We just went there this morning…super cool! Go to and see if there’s one near you, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Joseph asks…

How do I make a renaissance pirate costume (10 POINTS best answer)?

For the renaissance fair at my school I have to dress up as a female pirate and I need to know how by tomorrow! I don’t really have any time to go to the store! Please help! Female pirates dressed as male pirates so just think of that. It needs to be something that I may be able to find in my closet.

Halloween costume lion answers:

White blouse with full sleeves
Long vest or short, close-fitting jacket
Knee pants. You can use crops, or use sweats pulled up to look like full-legged knee pants.
A slouch hat or a head-rag.

Remember that these are suggestions for a *costume* and not what real pirates actually wore.

This is a good site which may give you some other ideas:

Sandra asks…

Female Pirate Costume Ideas?

I’m have to go dressed up as a pirate for a night-out. But I want to go as a wench pirate (i.e. female pirate). I dont have time to order one online, I just need some ideas on how I can make a home-made one!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Rip up a black skirt, wear a pair of fishnets with black boots. Wear a mans white shirt so it’s loose. You could cut a skull and crossbones out of a white sheet andstick it on the skirt.Fashion a eye patch out of cardboard and thread painted black, then cut aout a cardboard sword and cover it with foil. If you have short hair tie a hankerchief around youre head or make a bandana(again, out of a sheet or something) I f you have long hair curl it!!

Mandy asks…

Halloween Pirate Makeup?

Ok, so I am going to be a pirate (female) for halloween! I dont know how to do the make up though…I am looking for some enchanting, beautiful pirate makeup, as Big Bold and Beautifulest as you can! I dont know what makeup to put on my : Eyes, lips, and cheeks! Or anywhere else on my face! And a reminder, I am only in grade 6, so i will be getting help with the makeup, but it has to stay long enough to get me through the school day, as we are having a ‘come to school in your halloween costume day!’ :)
Anyways, I also need some good tips on how to be a good pirate! I want to make this halloween special! oh, and should I curl my hair? What should I do with my hair?
thanks! Plz no rude answers!
I hope to hear from you, as you are probably very good in this type of thing!
p.s. for the makeup, i am looking for instructions, but links to make up idea pics would be great!!

Halloween costume lion answers:

1) Moisturize
2) Primer (If Needed) If Not, Skip And Apply Foundation . I Recommend Revlons Colorstay. You Can Buy At Pretty Much Any Drugstore.
3) Setting Powder
4) Light Blush . Like, A Pretty Peachy Natural Pink
5) Prime Lips With Chapstick So Lips Wil Be Soft For Applying Other Lip Products For Later
6) Eyesahdow Primer
7) Silver Eyeshadow All Over Lid
8) Black Or Dark Grey In The Crease
9) Line Lower And Upper Waterline .
10) False Lashes Baby !!
11) Apply Mascara So You Can Bind Real And Fake Lashes Together
12) Curl
13) Apply A Light Pink/Nude-ish Lip Color So Eyeshadow And Lips Wont Clash
14) MOST DEINFITELY CURL ! And Tease The Back So You Look Kindaa Rough (;
15) Enjoyy

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