Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes

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February 10, 2012
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February 15, 2012
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes

Donna asks…

Any ideas on homemade Halloween costumes?

I have a little sister about 11 years old. She doesn’t know what she’s gonna be for Halloween and there’s only one more day till Halloween. Can you give me any tips on good homemade Halloween costumes?
Ones that are cheap,easy, and don’t contain sewing.
Thank you.

Halloween costume lion answers:

See if you can get some ideas from this site.

Sharon asks…

Do you know of any websites for homemade Halloween costumes?

Me and my mom are looking for a website for homemade costumes and so if you find any then just answer my question.Thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Just google homemade costumes

Steven asks…

Homemade halloween costumes for a two month old girl?

I am looking for ideas for a Halloween costume for my two month old daughter. something homemade. thanks for any ideas.

Halloween costume lion answers:

A baby scarecrow would be super cute. Brown yarn could be used for the hay as real straw is rough on delicate skin. Jeans with patches sewn on. A flannel shirt. Hat with elastic to help keep it on. Boots (may have to find a pair of boy boots – try good will for a cheaper version)

Black cat – dress all in black with black hoodie. Sew on some cat ears and a tail.

Mermaid – if you are a great with a machine – make a mermaid fin in shiny green (or any color – pink would be really cute!) material. Buy a nude/beige color shirt. Put a bikini top on top of the shirt.

Ghost – white material with a hoodie

Jenny asks…

Homemade Halloween Costumes or Store Bought?

The best part of Halloween is dressing up in a costume, you get to disguise yourself and dress up as anything you like. You get to watch the little ones run around the neighborhood enjoying one night of Trick or Treating.

But do you prefer to make your own custom homemade costume one that noone else has or do you buy yours from the store already made?

Halloween costume lion answers:

Well I’m being Edward Scissor Hands this year, so i’m buying the scissor hands from the store, but im using my own clothes (with are kind of goth so it works lol!!!!) for his outfit lol.

So a mixture?

Thomas asks…

What are some of the best homemade halloween costumes?

i like to be creative when it comes to halloween costumes, so most of the time i make them myself, i was thinking of jack skellington or sally from that movie, or even spongebob, any other ideas?

Halloween costume lion answers:

My mom always did fun things for me growing up, we did an angel, and a dalmatian (or cow). Maybe a devil, or mother nature, that was one of my favorite, we also did a queen, and… It just clicked that you might be a guy.. Uhm, how about a multi-billionare… Or computer geek, or king, or killer clown, lol….

Sorry, I’m not very creative.

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