Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas

Your Questions About Funny Adult Halloween Costumes
October 16, 2011
Your Questions About Adult Halloween Costumes Ideas
October 19, 2011
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Your Questions About Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas

Charles asks…

What Are Some Good Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas?

What are some good homemade costume ideas for teens?
Something easy, preferably. :)

Also, what are you being for Halloween? :D
I’m a girl, jsyk. ;)

Halloween costume lion answers:

I’m guessing a zombie would be the easiest.
I’m not going to be anything.
Me and my friends usually just get drunk at the grave yard till morning.

Sandy asks…

Homemade Halloween costume ideas for teen girl?

I’m a teenage girl, and I need a homemade Halloween costume idea. It needs to be practical, and appropriate. Please give me ideas! Something along the lines of a dead prom queen would be perfect, but I don’t have any dresses or anything like that that i could tear apart.

Halloween costume lion answers:


You can either just go nude or get a black shirt and shorts. Make up a sign that says CENSORED in white letters (like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons) and wear that over. You won’t actually show anything but it’s still funny.

Thomas asks…

Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas?

I want to be a fairy for Halloween, but all I have is a MaxiDress and i wanna cut the hem of it similar to Tinkerbell’s. If you could also tell me how to make a wand and fairy wings, that would appreciated.

Halloween costume lion answers:

Okay here!
1.Take a STICK
2. Get white parer or coloured paper depending on what kind of fairy! And get a hot glue gun
3. Hot glue your paper to the stick.
4. Get ribbon and sparkly stuff and stuff like that and glue those to the end of your stick.. You have a wand!

Nancy asks…

what are some really great homemade halloween costume ideas?

im 14 and need a halloween costume but homemade if you have any ideas pleaseeee post them thanks!

Halloween costume lion answers:

Here is a list iv shared a few times but it answers you question also.
Here are some of my homemade costume ideas.
You could be a scarecrow really easily.
Amywinehouse would be easy, or Sara Palin.
A zombie with all your old clothes.
A football player as long as you have a jersey.
An old lady.
If you have an old prom dress or something you could be Ginger from Gillian’s Island.
A gypsy would be easy, look up pictures it would be fun makeup too.
You could be an 80’s workout lady with leggins and big hair and head band.
You could be pretty much any animal for cheap all you have to do is paint your face and wear a solid color shirt or something.
An angel if you have a white dress, you can make a halo easily or buy one at walmart cheap.
My sister is being a girl/doll zombie thing with a kids dress she bought at the Goodwill.
Its really short and looks like a doll and shes going to wear those lace socks and cary a teddy bear that is missing an eye.
Its all about imagination because you can be almost anything you want with stuff at home as long as you aren’t lazy with it.
Makeup is the key to pulling it off.

Donna asks…

17 year old guy look for homemade halloween costume ideas?

i wanna be something cool for halloween but i dont want to spend loads of money on costumes from the costume shop that i will only wear once……..if you have anything easy to make that is cool that would be awesome :3

Halloween costume lion answers:


Joseph asks…

homemade halloween costume ideas for 14 year teens?

I need halloween costume ideas quick and fast, and if you have a costume idea for me can you tell me what i can use to make these costumes,
some ideas for costumes i had were:
80’s girl
harajuku girl
and other please give me some ideas

Halloween costume lion answers:

You could go 80’s very easily!! Wear a bright colored tank top (or an old solid colored tee shirt that you could cut so it would be off the shoulder) with either a black or denim skirt! Then add some leggings or tights (preferably a bright color) its the 80’s, so you don’t even have to match! Ha, then do your hair BIG and CURLY! Wear hoops and gaudy Jewelry!

Another idea is go as a hippie! Wear blue jeans or borrow bell bottoms! You could tie dye your own shirt and then cut the shirt so there would be fringe! Then add some peace sign jewelry and a head band or bandanna around your head!

Have fun making your costume(:

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